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Martin Luther King Martin Luther King was an awe inspiring individual for any period of time. He practiced the teachings of Ghanaian. He knew what he believed in and went after it with his whole heart and being. His letter “Letter From Birmingham Jail” gives me Goosebumps. The fact that it was mostly written in the margins of newspapers an smuggles out it truly amazing!! Martin Luther King is an example and inspiration in excellence for all who care to look.

He was born in Atlanta Georgia on January 15, 1929 to Reverend Martin Luther King Sir. And Alberta Williams King. He was the middle child. He has an older sister, Willie Christine King and a younger brother Alleged Daniel Williams King. He sang choir at the 1939 Atlanta premiere of the movie Gone With The Wind. He suffered from depression as a child and teenager, and after the death of his grandmother, blaming himself, he attempted suicide, by Jumping out of a 2nd story window, thankfully for us he survived. Thrushes 02 He also had many doubts with the Christian claims.

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At the age of 13 he denied the resurrection of Jesus during Sunday School. Form here on in he stated “doubts began to spring forth relenting. ” However, he later stated that the bible has “many profound truths which one cannot escape” and entered the seminary. In High School, he became known for his ability for public speaking. He won Stripes in a Oratorical Contest and returning to Atlanta by bus was asked to stand the whites could have a seat. He initially refused, until he was told by his teacher he loud be breaking the law.

He later characterized the incident as “the angriest I have ever been in my life” He skipped both the ninth and twelfth grades and entered College and fifteen without formally graduating High School. He entered Boston University in 1951 and earned his PHD in Systematic Theology in 1955. Not only was it an accomplishment for a black man to receive a doctorate but he also did it in 4 years. A feat that can normally take up to 8 years. In that time he also earned a BAA in Sociology and a Bachelors in Divinity Degree.

While at Boston University he met Correct Scott, who he married and had 4 children with. Holland King, Martin Luther King Ill, Dexter Scott King and Bernice King. Martin Luther King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (CLC) in 1957, serving as its first president. With CLC he earned the reputation as one of Thrushes 03 the greatest orators in American history. He used the CLC to lead often unsuccessful struggles and marches against African-American segregation. He was even arrested in Birmingham where the famous “Letter From Birmingham Jail was penned on April 6, 1963.

His famous speech ” I Have A Dream” was written on August 28, 1963. He led an exemplary life, following the teachings of Ghanaian. He was an amazing man. His speeches are something dreams are made of. His examples and ideals are taught and valued today. He was assassinated on April 4th 1968 oath 6. 01 pm by James Earl Ray from a rooming house across the street from Lorraine Motel where he was staying. James Earl Ray was sentenced to life, and died in prison at he age of seventy on April 23, 1998. Martin Luther King was an incredible man. There will not be another like him.

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