Critical Response Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assignment

Critical Response Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assignment Words: 282

Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. In the long letter, Letters From Birmingham Jail, written by Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. , he clears up several misconceptions of the eight clergyman , and speaks out on Inequality in the city of Birmingham and United State. King’s preferred audience in this letter is educated southern white males who hold power in their positions, however, King wants any audience that he can get. He wants to get his voice heard by as many people as possible because he knows that In a race struggle there Is no one hat Is Insignificant to equality.

The purpose of this letter Is to confront the eight clergy men and their backwards views on the Issue on hand. The Issue that started this debacle between the eight clergy men and King, was when King organized a peaceful demonstration In the city of Birmingham. In response to this demonstration, police officers used force to arrest King and other demonstrators for failure to have a permit to parade. In the newspaper, the eight clergy men wrote about the demonstrations. In response to this, King wrote his letter to them.

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In this letter King provides a very articulate and educated argument. He even quotes several sources including the bible and Socrates, without having any direct references. He talks in an even and calm manner, even though he has great passion for his cause. The restraint he has of not being sarcastic or belligerent is very admirable, and although he has a right to be angered since he is unfairly sitting in Jail, he still talk with the most respect towards these eight men of power.

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