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In this letter Martin Luther King Jar used a lot of examples to express his feelings and thoughts as describe by Lee A. Succubus’s method. In this letter, King uses Lee A. Succubus’s example of how his people got tortured by the policemen when he says “But when you have seen vicious mobs lynch your mothers and fathers at will and drown your sisters and brothers at whim; when you have seen hate-filled policemen curse, kick, and even kill your black brothers and sisters… ” (217).

Here King uses some emotional word to express his feelings such as “curse”, “kick”, and even “kill” he was trying to show his emotion by full of pain and suffering (218). Generally, when reader reads this letter they will feel the same way he feels, all the fears and worry come from his letter by uses the words to illustrate his people. As a result King states how waiting is no longer a solution. In King’s letter writes about the differences between “just” and “unjust” laws by using Lee A. Succubus’s definition method and example method to described a clear way to distinguish between Just and unjust laws.

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Just and unjust law reflect reader’s view of how they think about the laws, even if they disagree with the laws; but they still have to follow it. When the saws wrote in constitutions are called Just laws, and any others laws are called unjust laws. However, when people starting to follow their own opinions or disagree with the laws the society will have chaos. King put examples In the past history when Doll Hitler created the law In Germany when lad and comfort a Jew Is Illegal (220). When we read until here, King want to stands out how the laws a country made sometimes it is unjust by using the past events.

King also used another example from history of civil disobedience in the Bible, it is an argument about unjust laws, and people will not follow the unjust law of its majority. About 600 years before, King Nebuchadnezzar was king in Israel. King want his people listen whatever he says and wisdom him. King said Starch, Messiah and Obtained these three people who believe that there is only one true god to obey to, and because of their disobedience, they must be set by fired; but when the fire starts burned, they were not got hurt because they have their God to protect them.

When King using this example, he wants African Americans to take actions because they will not follow the unjust law anymore, they need their freedom, and also have the equal rights. When Martin Luther king wrote his letter by using language of strong words to Illustrated how African Americans’ life In the history, such as people when they are reading this letter, white people are living in a very good circumstance will never understand how African American lives in a same country were having this kind of horrible life.

Moreover, White people will never understand how African American was treated by unrepeatable when white people call them “enigma” or “boy’ (218). Every time when African Americans heard about those words, they will feel how African Americans have low position in white people’s heart, even reared them like a slave. In this letter, Martin Luther King Jar uses his words to empathic his reader to understand American Americans’ thoughts and feelings about why they have to take actions.

Also King gives a lot of examples of how African Americans were treated harshly. However African Americans’ organizations tried to take actions to fight for human rights and freedom. When King writing this letter he want whites to understand about why African Americans’ live being so different by compared them to whites’ people in a same country. Kings letter breaks out a very recursive way that reached the humans’ hearts and minds at the same time by showing the facts about African Americans’ life.

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