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The Westward expansion had many consequences for the Native Americans the expansion meant that occupation of their lands. The United States continues with the European practice of recognizing the limited land rights to expand into the West with the legal purchase of Native American land. They were negotiated and signed by tribal members who didn’t have the authority to do so and some didn’t have the lack of knowledge of what they were signing (Dale Van Every, Trail of Tears). Once they signed they were forced out of their land.

The Indians were encouraged to sell their Tribal lands and come what they called civilized people. Once they were civilized people they were able to get jobs and be farmers like the white man was allowed to do. The Native Americans had to be removed before Columbia could bring prosperity as promised to the United States. It was an interesting portrayal and very symbiotic of the thinking of many Americans during that time. Another interesting symbol was the Manifest Destiny shows a railroad train coming out of the East with smoke coming out of its boiler, it was moving West bringing so called enlightenment into the wilderness.

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Americans in this time have equated civilization with technical development, no matter what the cost was in terms of their spirit and morality. Expansion and Indian removal created problems for the so called new American Nation. This Nation prided itself upon its democratic ways, forced Native Americans West. They thought it had to be done to save Indian people. They also thought they didn’t fit in the East, so they had to move them out of the frontiers where they can do their Indian things as they called it.

They were being hypocritical on this because many of them who were moved where sophisticated and civilized people as the white man wanted them to be. The Cherokee Nation was higher than that of the White South up through the civil war, the tribe was moved West as uncivilized people were so they can take their land for the American Expansion. Many of the tribes were farmers who were very successful and civilized, but they still were moved to Oklahoma. The Native Americans that were in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan were very active in the trade market.

Many of them who went in the West became Native American Pioneers, they went est. because there cultures were so transformed and it had an impact on the West and South against the Mexican frontier and the problems started in Mexico shortly after that. The Mexican War was one of the American Expansions that took place. By the end of the war it expanded from coast to coast and also into Asia where they took the Philippians in the Spanish- American war. They became very powerful in Asia and in the Caribbean but they didn’t claim it or occupy the islands except the Puerco Rich and Philippians islands.

Although they didn’t occupy Central America they still exercised the political ND economic control in that region. Instead of opposing the Anti-Native Americans policies the white Americans supported them. They were led to believe that the United States was destined to take over the continent of North America. Some felt it was the white man’s American destiny due to the appeal of freedom and democracy. Many of the white Americans thought it was up to them to further develop the lifestyles of the Hispanics and Native Americans. They believed that these other races were incapable of new technology and weren’t spiritually into the future.

Not every encounter with the Native Americans and white settlers was Eileen, 250,000-500,000 people walked across the continent on foot and took an average of 7 months most of the settlers were armed and ready for Native attack, However most of the encounters with the Native Americans were peaceful. Met. Holyoke was the first women’s college that was founded in 1 837 by Mary Lyon it was a Liberal Arts College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. There was a document written as a plea, for the end of discrimination against women. Main credit is given to Elizabeth Caddy Stanton for writing the document.

The document was presented at the first women’s rights invention. The convention was attended by 300 women and men and only 100 of them signed the document which included 68 women and 32 men. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to receive a medical degree, even though she had her medical degree she was still banned from practicing in most hospitals. She than relocated to Paris, France and continued her training as a midwife instead of a physician, while in Paris she contracted an eye infection from a small baby that forced her to lose her right eye. It was replaced by a glass eye which ended her medical career.

Missouri V. Celia was a murder trial that took place in Galloway County, Missouri. It involved a slave woman named Celia and her master Robert Newswomen. After being purchased at the age of 14 in 1850. Celia had 2 children from her master. Soon after becoming intimate with another save while being raped by her master she became pregnant again. She pleaded with her master to let her rest, when he ignored her plea, she struck him in the head with a stick. She than spent the night burning his body in her fireplace and grinding the smaller pieces of his body with a rock.

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