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In Hinduism recent history is mahatma Gandhi a key name. We have mentioned that the Hindus would rather not harm or kill any other living beings. This ideal is called aims, and it is most famous for having lived for it in modern times Gandhi. He was born in India in 1896 and the name was Mohammad Gandhi. But eventually he got the nickname Mahatma, which means great soul. Gandhi fought for Indian’s independence while the country was under British colonial rule. Methods were not violent, and neither he nor his supporters used violence in the struggle against the

British, nor when they were met with brutal violence by soldiers and police officers. Instead, they organized peaceful demonstrations and hunger strikes to reach their main demands. Gandhi was known worldwide for his non-violent struggle for peace and liberation in India. Although Gandhi was born in the trading class, he fought for the slaves/poor in India. He believed that no one was worth less than others, and called them skatesГёSE (gods children). Gandhi would have them in the community and give them the rights they earlier did not had. Not all supported Gandhi in this work.

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Although discrimination on the basis of caste was prohibited by law in 1947, is no caste system in itself prohibited. There are still many who are not treated equally in India because of its cast You must be the change you want in the world, said Gandhi. It was also the way he lived. In 1947, India freed from the British, but even a year later, Gandhi was shot dead by a Hindu. Killer was furious at Gandhi, partly because he had agreed to divide India so that the Muslims were late own state – Pakistan Three main directions or Vishnu – the followers is the main god Vishnu.

This means that they worship both Vishnu and figures that he deg down on Earth (avatars), for example ram and Krishna. But also his wife, Alkalis, is an important goddess. This direction is most prevalent in middle and northern India. Shiva – the followers we find especially in south India and sir Lankan. They worship Shiva as the chief of the gods. Shiva is a complex god with many features. He worshiped both as a householder and ascetic, creator and destroyer of the universe. He is kind and cruel, man and woman. NY local deities around the India has merged with Shiva. His wife Private and sons Changes and Murmuring are also part of the Shiva-worship Shasta – the followers worship the goddess and her many guises. This direction is most prevalent in the northern mountainous regions of India. Nepal and south India. The followers of Shasta believes that all the male gods are passive and can only be reactivated by Shasta. The faithful look at Shasta both worlds creates, sustains and destroys. She worshiped the goddess Durra, Kali and Private. Mahatma Gandhi By nine

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