Mahatma Gandhi – Satyagraha Assignment

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Mahatma Gandhi – Stay Graham According to Gandhi philosophy Straight was the most powerful weapon for fighting against imperialism or a powerful enemy. By Straight he meant adhering to truth under all circumstances. A true satyriasis should believed in God and Imams. For Gandhi violence was untruth while non- violence was truth. Different forms of Straight are:- (a) Non-Cooperation – It was one of the form of Straight which required courage and self sacrifice as well as moral strength.

Its primary aim was self purification and it was a struggle between religion and religion and an expression of anguished love. It was something not exclusive to few but a very open and clear idea and a method Of cultivating public opinion. (b) Civil Disobedience – Another method of convincing a powerful enemy of legitimate demands of the weak in the society was that of civil disobedience. It was to be carried on till the unjust law was abrogated.

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A civil disobedience sister was bound to suffer and in that suffering was his dignity end honor. It also did not mean creation of lawlessness but meant law-abiding spirit combined with self restraint. (c) Strike – It was another method of checking the high handedness of the aggressor and demanding of legitimate rights. Strike should however be based on non-violence and the workers should not destroy national machine or material. In his opinion the students might participate in a strike in a country which was under foreign yoke. ) Fasting – Gandhi felt that that was the most effective method of pricking the conscience of the opponent. In its real spirit a fast must be effective. These fasts should not be secret and man going on fast must preserve his energies. All should not follow this course but those who had got previous training should only undertake fasts. (e) Hijack – The last method for not tolerating unjust laws was that of Hijack. It implied leaving one’s own country, it required great strength and courage and in fact few could take such a bold step.

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