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Jefferson wanted to either expand land Or have other nations rule in the new mother land. After the purchase was done Thomas Jefferson had requested for the explore Meriwether Lewis and asked Meriwether Lewis to go explore the new land. Meriwether Lewis received help from Sewage who translated to other tribes for food and trading Sewage taught Lewis and Clark how to fish ,hunt and also how to grow crops, Sewage taught Lewis and Clark the basic skills to live off the land to make sure Lewis and Clark could survive off the land .

Sewage also showed Lewis and Clark owe to use other resources to make sure that Lewis and Clark stayed healthy and keep them safe from harm on the excursion through the dangerous native filled land. Sewage also showed Lewis and Clark the After Meriwether Lewis and Clark came back, people started to move west and that is when the population started to grow. The Louisiana Purchase helped the nation grow not only in size but also in population and it helped us to gain new and stronger allies.

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President Thomas Jefferson is showing that he had made so pretty big accomplishments in his presidency. At America’s youth, “President Jefferson, in one of his greatest achievements, more than doubled the size of the United States at a time when the young nation’s population growth was beginning to quicken” (Louisiana Purchase 1). Selling most of what they owned in the new nation, “the nation of France sold 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River to the United States of America in a treaty commonly known as the Louisiana Purchase” (Louisiana Purchase).

Jefferson had made some pretty big leaps by helping expand the size of the United States by double the size and France made a Treaty with America called Louisiana Purchase. Even being across the Atlantic Ocean, “France controlled the vast stretches of land west of the Mississippi… From 1699 until 1762, the year it gave the land to its Spanish all)/’ (Louisiana Purchase 1). This new purchase consisted of much of the new nation, “the Louisiana purchase stretched from the Mississippi river to the beginning of the Rocky Mountains” (Louisiana Purchase 1).

France had most of the United States owned then they passed it on to Spanish to have control over the land, Louisiana Purchase was from Mississippi to Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately without any authorization, “[and] with no time to consult their government, Monroe and Livingston went ahead and closed the deal for $15 million” (Dander et al. 201). Finally the purchase was completed, “France officially transferred the territory to the Americans on December 20th, and the United States took formal possession on December 30th” (Purdue 69).

Jefferson sent Monroe to go buy the land and he got the deal for a pretty cheap price of $1 5 million dollars after everything was said and done United States took control of the Purchase in December 30th. United States of America got this land for a very reasonable price if America would’ve waited Jefferson wouldn’t have got this land . France gave up a lot of land for a cheap price and Jefferson capitalized on the big accomplishment. After giving them the land in the first place, “in 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte of France persuaded Spain to return the Louisiana Territory’ (Dander et al. 01). Fortunately Napoleon got his way, “in 1801 , Spain signed a secret treaty with France to return Louisiana Territory to France” (Monroe 4). France and Spain made a secret treaty behind the United States to give all the land back to France. With all the secretive meetings and untrustworthy treaties, “to settle the matter by peaceful measures, President Jefferson in January 1803 appointed Monroe envoy extraordinary to France to aid Robert R. Livingston… In purchasing the territory at the mouth of the Mississippi” (Monroe 4).

Needing a companion on this important trip, “Monroe joined Livingston in Paris on April 12, and the two ministers, on finding Napoleon willing to dispose of the entire province of Louisiana, decided to exceed their instructions and effect its purchase” (Monroe 4). Jefferson made Monroe envoy extraordinary to France to solve the whole treaty issue that France made with the United States. Getting there just a little too late, “by the time that Monroe arrived in Paris in April 1 803, Napoleon had decided to sell the entire Louisiana Territory to the united States” (Dander et al. 01). Making things short and sweet, “on May 2, 1803, they signed a treaty and two conversations whereby France sold Louisiana to the United States” (Monroe 4). Monroe got to France and already heard that France sold the Louisiana Purchase United States of America. Once America Purchased this land Jefferson had to sign a treaty, to make sure America wouldn’t take over the land America wasn’t given . France took over the Louisiana territory from the Indians.

France had given up everything, “in 1 762, during the French and Indian War, France ceded French Louisiana west of the Mississippi Riveter Spain and in 1 763 transferred nearly all of its remaining North American holdings to Great Britain” (Louisiana Purchase 1). Knowing that this was an important purchase for the new nation, “in a letter to U. S. Minister to France, Robert Livingston, America’s third President Thomas Jefferson, stated, ‘The day that France takes possession of New Orleans… E must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation'” (Louisiana Purchase 1 After conquering the Native Americans France took all of the land and gave some of it to Spain. People tried to rush the process, “[even] though rumors of the purchase preceded notification from Monroe and Livingston, their message reached Washington in time for an official announcement on July 4, 1803” (Purdue 69). With much going on at the time for the French nation, “France was slow in taking control of Louisiana, UT in 1802, Spanish authorities, revoked a U. S. Spanish treaty that granted Americans the right to store goods in New Orleans” (Louisiana Purchase 1). When Spain heard that France sold the land to America Spain didn’t agree with the treat with France. Due dates were coming up soon, “[and] the purchase treaty had to be ratified by the end of October, which gave Jefferson and his Cabinet time to deliberate the issues of boundaries and constitutionally’ (Purdue 67). Making all of the hard work and everything put into the purchase final, “the Senate ratified the treaty on October 20th by a tote of 24 to 7 (Purdue 69).

When Jefferson heard that Spain revoked the Treaty Jefferson only had a little bit of time to make boundaries for the new land Jefferson had purchased. France had fought for the land against the Native Americans because France probably thought that if the land is theirs France can sell it back to America for a really high price . The Louisiana Purchase benefited us in many ways. The Louisiana Purchase helped the nation grow not only in size but also in population and it helped us to gain more technology through out time. This benefited our society a lot.

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