John Smith As A Narrator Assignment

John Smith As A Narrator Assignment Words: 283

John Smith is not a credible narrator because he is writing a third person narrative about himself; therefore there is not more than one perspective neither more than one point of view. This gives his writing a possibility of being subjective. One of the main reasons I believe that John Smith is not a credible narrator is because his point of views and perspectives are biased. This also brings up the possibility Of him over exaggerating on some Of his details.

For example, n page 90 he starts off by saying their supply is so low that only 10 people are left standing. He also may be over exaggerating about the hard labor in the hot climates. He describes that the slaves may not be able to survive in those conditions. Smith also claims that he had found a new tribe while exploring. If this did actually happen, the question comes up as to why was he exploring by himself? He does many things on his own with no tangible facts.

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In the book on page 92 he states that he takes some things upon himself because he elieves he is a better-selfless leader. But then we ask ourselves if he was a selfless leader why would he save the more difficult jobs for himself? Also Smith shows us that he is not a selfless leader because he wants a reward: money, power and recognition. While reading The General History of Virginia we able to ask ourselves many questions and we question a lot of the events that John Smith has recorded. With all of this being said, I believe John Smith is not a credible narrator.

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