Jamestown Colony: A Success or Failure in Its First Year? Assignment

Jamestown Colony: A Success or Failure in Its First Year? Assignment Words: 263

Was the Jamestown colony a success or failure in its first year? In the early 1600s, English settlers were sent to North America not long after the surprising naval victory, by the English, over the Spanish Armada. After this triumph, the English were able to gain control of the North Atlantic sea lanes, which in turn strengthened their national pride and paved the way for colonization.

In 1606 a joint stock company, known as the Virginia Company, hich was a company Of investors, was given a charter, permission from the king or queen, for settlement in America. Colonists were thrilled about this expedition, mainly for the promise of gold that would be awaiting their arrival. They were, however, worried with about the short time they were given because they knew if they did not discover any riches in their given time they were to be abandoned. With this in mind they set sail with minimal supplies leaving them unprepared for what may come in the New World.

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Once they reached their location, known as Jamestown, they were immediately confronted with many hardships that would cause death amongst a large portion of them. When they arrived they discovered that their site was overwhelmingly unhealthy, which caused a lot of fatalities. Also many of the colonists were not skilled in hunting or fishing which caused trouble as well. As a result, Jamestown colony was a failure in its first year. The colonist traveled to the New World unprepared and disorganized, and where overcome by many lethal diseases.

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