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While some of the long-term positive effects are cheaper prices, better/more trade, and the spread of industrialization all over the world. A short-term negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was the poor conditions in cities. Frederica Engel’s visited an English industrial city and states like he said, “The streets are usually unpaved, full of holes, filthy and strewn with refuse. Since they have no gutters, nor drains, the refuse accumulates in stagnant, stinking puddles”. This shows how bad the intuitions were in some cities.

The factories also caused tons of pollution and poor air quality. Many people who lived in these poor cities or slums were the working class that had no simple ride through life. Many people were fed up with the conditions of the cities but they were unable to do much because they did not make enough money to move into a better area. A positive long term effect of the Industrial Revolution was the decrease in prices. The decrease in prices came from all the people working at factories using inter-changeable parts.

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In The Working Man’s Companion the author states “Your houses are better built, your clothes are cheaper, and you have tons of domestic utensils”. This shows how people were eventually in the long run, able to live better because of the prices of goods decreasing. Another long-term positive effect was the creation of industrialism and the number of inventions that were coming into place. This was good for Europe because the more goods that were produced were better for trade. Trade was very important for countries in order for them to make money.

England dad the most money the most from other countries becoming industrialized because England was able to trade some of their natural resources to other countries (coal etc). In a chart about British Iron Production it shows as the year increases so does iron production. Iron production keeps going up because as more and more countries start to become industrialized, England traded some Of their iron supply to Other countries in order to make some profit. The Industrial Revolution of the 1 9th century I believe made an overall positive impact on society.

The introduction of factories and the assembly line, new inventions, the development of electricity, and the railroads all contributed to faster, more efficient production of goods and materials. While the Industrial Revolution also contributed to such problems as child labor and urban overcrowding, even these resulted in such positive effects as the funding of schools, better and safer work, and the passage of child labor laws. As a result, the Industrial Revolution improved both economic production and the way in which people lived.

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