Industrial revolution Assignment

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In document 2 and 3, there were many positive effects that happened in Great Britain. They got the steam engine to blast furnaces in 1788. The steam engine was a big impact in the industrial revolution because water was cheaper then steam power. It helped people trade goods, more efficient transportation and had an easier living. The stream engine changed people’s lives. Due to the steam engine, eight years later the amount of iron manufactured double then it has. Iron was needed to make rail road tracks, steam locomotives and to construct the steamships.

There were a lot of improvements in machines because there were better use of steel and iron. Later on it increased industrial growth of Britain. Based on document 5, there were working class living conditions in England. The Frederica Engel’s believed that the working class had to live in “cottages” The cottages was a little house with three or four rooms and a kitchen. The streets were rocky and bumpy and usually filled with holes. They are dirty and unsanitary. They have no gutters or drains. Ventilation in the sums weren’t sufficient.

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People lived in a small tight area, the air was filthy. The streets were used for drying clothes; the clothes were hung around the streets from house to house. Document 6 relates to document 5 how there were many deaths because it was filthy and bad ventilation. More people died from filth and bad ventilation then in wars. In document 4, the population in Great Britain increased which caused more civilizations to grow. I feel it’s a negative effect and a positive effect. It’s negative because increases of population cause over population which causes he civilizations to be unsanitary.

On the other hand, it’s positive because the more population, the more trading and competition. More people made more inventions and products. People were competing to sell goods to make money. The industrial revolution had many impacts to their life which were negative and positive. From the inventions, no jobs, and places were unsanitary. People worked hard, and still had little pay. Workers would get hurt in factories. The factory owners didn’t care about their employees working conditions. These people lived a hard life.

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