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It is not surprising that a number of Asian countries would be a part of this movement because of the history of a number of Asian countries being colonies of western powers. The rise of non-alignment in Asia could be credited to the Indian Prime Minister Charlatan Nehru, who late increased his through influence his “neutralist” policies in foreign affairs. Since a number of the countries in Asia who are a part of the Non-alignment Movement are developing countries, the focus of these countries involved would be an economic progression rather than a military conflict between two world powers. Tasting, 149) His idea was breaking away from western politics and usher in an importance in domestic development for countries who are struggling because of the tension placed y those involved in the cold war. As the non-alignment was formed, it adapted the five principals of Nehru as the basis of the agreement. Comparing the five principals of Nehru with the Eisenhower doctrine, it would be contradictory to each other. The American doctrine would involve sending the American military to resist communism while the five principles would include mutual non-interference and peaceful co-existence.

The contrasts between policies and ideologies prevented the United States to increase its presence on India unlike Middle East countries ho have been included in the Eisenhower Doctrine. It would not be a surprise that India would not agree to be allied with an alliance based on democracy such as the United States since it has retained the social structure it had even as the British colonized the country. The pillars of this system would include autonomous castes, the joint family, and the communal self-governing life.

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This ideology remained since it was able fulfill essential needs of human nature and society. Aside from the system, the alliance with a western nation with specific ideologies may be bringing India back to the British occupation where even industrial growth was checked. From what was mentioned above with regards to Indian’s structure, there would create a conflict with the policies that were made by the United States during the cold war. These policies would include the policy of containment laid out by George F.

Keenan and NCSC-68 that acted as a further response to the containment policy. Both of these policies would focus on the prevention of the spread of the communist ideology through both military and economic means. However these policies would contradict the ideas set by Nehru with focus on economic growth alongside international movements towards avoiding war in the region which later solidify Indian’s stand with the Non- Alignment movement.

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