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Progressivism is a political attitude which favors various reforms through government action towards many things In society. In America Progressivism was a reaction to the rapid industrialization of the nation throughout the late sass’s and early 1 offs. The goals of progressivism were not to reverse the changes that occurred In America during the changes to a highly Industrialized society, but to

Instead embrace them whilst altering the system to create a fairer and more Just society. Examples of this would be trust busting’ (breaking up excessively large corporations) and promoting social Justice and enacting reforms to try to achieve It. Overall progressivism promoted a more interventionist and moral approach to economics and government. Theodore Roosevelt was the symbol of progressivism during the early 1 ass’s. Originally a Republican and president from 1900-1909, he became heavily influenced by progressive ideas during his time in office.

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Following his disillusion with the Republican party he formed his own Progressive party. In regards to how important Roosevelt was in the development of progressivism, I believe his record is a mixed bag. Roosevelt possessed an incredible charisma, evidenced by his fantastic speeches, larger than life personality and manly image. An example of this would be when he was shot when reciting a speech and wasn’t at all shaken, declaring he was ‘as strong as a bull moose! His charisma and fearless demeanor gave him a great influence over people. This allowed him to bring many defectors from the Republican Party to his new party, strengthening the Progressive cause. Roosevelt revolutionary ideas and beliefs helped the development of progressivism further. Roosevelt believed that although strong corporations were good for America, he felt that the behavior of such corporation’s should be monitored to ensure that greed did not get out of hand and workers and other people were not exploited.

Roosevelt wanted to create the ‘Square Deal’ which was a mommies program formed upon three basic Ideas: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. He was not too radical In his beliefs to be called a socialist and his party and Ideology was seen to be a third way In regards to the running of government and economics. Roosevelt helped to further the progressive cause throughout his time In office, even under the Republican banner. He Introduced policies such as the Hepburn act In 1903 which gave state officials more power to Inspect corporations and their actively

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