French and Indian War Assignment

French and Indian War Assignment Words: 252

The war affected the elation’s between the colonists and Britain In political, economical and Ideological ways. The cost of the war was a direr cause to the change In the relation between the two sides economically, and It had the effect of Brutal placing more taxes to pay off their debt. In repressing the colonies, Brutal actually caused the Ideological reactions of Independence In the colonies. After the French and Indian war, the economic relations between the colonists and Britain changed drastically.

After the war has ended, Britain has accumulated a large debt. As seen in Document G, Benjamin Franklin wants Britain to discontinue the Stamp Act. Britain placed the Stamp Act as well as many other restrictions and taxes on the colonies because they wanted the colonists to pay off their debt. This worsened relationship between the colonists and Britain. In Doc G, it is clear that After 1763 when the war ended, as seen in Doc A, English colonies dominated the new world.

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This took a toll on the political relationship between Brittany and the American colonists because it leads to the proclamation of 1763. The Native American in Doc B believed that Britain was invading their territory and that they were spoiling their hunting. It led the natives to believe that they had no right to settle. The Proclamation was set up to prevent further conflict. However, the colonists were still angry because they were being deprived of their rights of freedom.

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