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The reason Brown decided to lead northern abolitionist use violence to end sl avery. Brown’s religion was the reason he was taught to hate slavery. Brown has hat ed slavery from an early age and by the age of twenty he was able to help one run away from the underground railroad. During the 1830s, Brown was considering different ways of helping A frican Americans, one of the ideas he came up with is building schools. Brown was known as on e of a few white person without racial prejudice. By the Mid 1 850s Brown already committed h imself to verthrowing slavery by using force.

The reason behind this was clear and si mple in the early 1840s Brown was bankrupt and was evicted of his farm and also lost his child ren all in one month. Brown decided he wanted to forget the world he was already living in abandoning his farm and wife to join his sons in Kansa and giving the last of his years to overt hrow the power of slavery. Now how would you consider these actions of John Brown a villain? John Brown’s plan was simple. He wanted to rescue slaves from the south. Br own had been planning for months it was to have a major slave rebellion in the South.

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Since Brown had experience in from Kansa’s it had led to a significant change to his strategy for ending slavery. He had put in all his thoughts and strategies so that he can make this raid a s uccessful raid without any complication. His plan was to end slavery, the way he thought of i t was a new state will be a free state for the midst of the South. John Brown had a created asys tem of laws for the new mountain state. Since he was leader for everything he made sure things went his way and the right way. John Brown plans were to have a successful raid and he did. In fact the beginn ing of

Brown’s raid were extremely successful the first hours, however it soon went downhill afterwards. The beginning of the downfall was when one of the watchman arr ived to take the post and noticed it was unguarded and ran to go sound the alarm. A baggage handler named Hay. vard Shepherd who became a antislavery’ raid’s first fatality when he wen t to go check on the situation and was shot. Than on Oct. 17th word was being passed around that an armed party, John Brown’s Raid, had taken over the bridge. Brown wanted to talk to the co nductor, however, the youngest raider had be shot. Robert E.

Lee and his aide Lieutenant passed a note to John Brown for an immediate surrender. When brown refused to surrender marin es began to attack the building where John and his men were at. After a few minutes of the marines attacking the building it was all over. Ten of Brown’s men were wounded or dead and five w ere captured including Brown, the raid was over. John Brown was trial you could say was unfair. John Brown was charged with t reason against virginia, beginning a rebellion with the slaves in Virginia and multiple firstdegree murders. Brown’s trial was completely unfair to me. In document 1,

The Trial, Brown’s trial started on October 25th and ended two days later. There were great efforts t o delaying Brown’s hearing until his lawyer could be present but was refused because they didn’t want southerner’s to lynch him also they feared that excited abolitionist would try to help break their hero out of jail. What was also unfair about the trial was that Brown was charged with mu Itiple firstdegree murders which he never committed. Brown did not slaughter over 3,000 at Harper’s Ferry, Brown or his people did actually shoot an innocent man that was trying to fle e away but they nly did this so that his plan wouldn’t be given away.

However you also have t o think on the side was that the Federal Government was aiding also abetting the system of hum an enslavement. So only killing one person was small price to pay because later on it took about 6 00,00 other lives just to resolve the first phase of the Emancipation of African Americans. John Brown is indeed an American hero, he is nota villain. John Brown did not have a piece Of racism inside Of him. He had lived long am ong African Americans in order to help them make a living in America, he wanted Blacks to be apart f the American Society.

John Brown was told he could be clergyman, howeve r he refused and said that he would rather be honored to go with a slave women and her kids. This evidence shows to prove he is a hero rather than a terrorist or a villain. Brown played an important role when it to shaping and recreating his mage. His calm personality and fierce c ommitment for antislavery help people believe he was a hero, an angel, not a villain or a mur derer. There were many questions about whether or not Brown was Mentally ill. Brown showed signs of Mental abnormality which included mood swings, anger towards slavery.

However, m any say the Mental abnormality at time might have been normal due to the fact that slave ry was a part of social living that the mental disability might have been necessary to realize th at slavery was inhumane nature. John Brown had always had some kind of haterage for slavery and slaveholde rs. Brown’s emotions can be described as aggression but also passion. In my opinion I do believe John Brown was heron in some cases, it was just the way he did things made him a n extreme man. I do believe that John was a hero in some cases, but was a very extreme man.

A n example of this ould be in 1858 Brown and his four sons and 3 other men lead a raid in mis souri where there killed a plantation owner and freed eleven slaves. Brown believed going into t his kind of extreme was the only way it would end slavery. The massacre that Brown was leading was one the few steps towards the emancipation and rights towards slavery. Brown’s actions was the voices of the all slave and abolitionist communities. John is a hero, he is just criticized for his extreme doings, He experienced man y hard times in his life which deal with losing 4 children and having about 13 busines s failures.

Because f these hard times it had lead him to find that he should help people who ca n’t help themselves; slaves. The word massacres is not a new word to America so why is it that we should judge one person when many other people have done the same thing and they are give n notice for being hero? When you come to think about it without John Brown and his group of Abolitionists there wouldn’t have been any of the south succeeding the union or talk or idea of a n emancipation Brown is a hero, he did what other people were even scared to think of or eve n do. Not all heroes or saints have a clean background.

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