Early civilizations: Mesopotamia – China Assignment

Early civilizations: Mesopotamia – China Assignment Words: 652

The later Mesopotamia people who built a large empire based on a powerful army with iron weapons and who made extensive use of terror were the Assyrian 12. A Babylonian resurgence of power was led in the sixth century BCC by Nebuchadnezzar 13. Mesopotamia metal workers discovered that If they alloyed copper and tin they could produce bronze 14. Iron metallurgy came to Mesopotamia from the Hitters 15. The first people to use wheeled vehicles were the Sumerians 16.

In Mesopotamia, prisoners of war, convicted criminals, and heavily indebted individuals were the here main sources for slaves 17. Mesopotamia developed into a strict patriarchal society 18. Conditions for women In Mesopotamia grew increasingly worse over time 19. THe Mesopotamia style of writing was known as cuneiform 20. Ethical monotheism was in the tradition of the HEbrews 21 . Hebrew monotheism has its origins with Moses 22. The first simplified alphabet, containing only twenty-two letters, was created by the Phoenicians 23. Egyptian is not of Indo-European origin 24.

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Hatchets was a woman who ruled Egypt as pharaoh. 14. Women enjoyed the most freedom and opportunity was Egypt 15. In Cush, there is evidence of many female rulers 16. In Africa, iron metallurgy arose independently from the Hitters. 17. The Egyptians traded through the Red Sea with a land they called Punt, which was probably modern-day Somalia 18. The Greek words meaning “holy inscriptions” refers to hieroglyphs 19. Mercuric writing was a Nubian script that borrowed Egyptian hieroglyphs 20. The cult of Ammo-Re revered a combination of two gods associated with the sun 21 .

Chi. 5 1 . The legendary founder of the Ixia dynasty, who constructed dikes and dams and organized flood controls projects, was King You 2. The legendary early Chinese sage- king who ordered the four seasons and established uniform weights, measures, and units of time was King Shun 3. Hang He takes its name from loess soil 4. The Hang He River was given the nickname China’s Sorrow 5. Mesopotamia: Tigris & Euphrates – Egypt: Nile – Harpoon: Indus – China: Hang He 6. The most important archaeological site from the Neolithic Hansson culture is Banjo 7. Hansson,Ixia, Shank, Chou 8.

The first attempt to organize public life in China on al large scale occurred during he Ixia dynasty 9. The Shank rulers were strengthened by their control over the technological advantage of bronze 10. The Chinese copied their chariots from the Indo-Europeans 11. Ay was an important early capital city of the SHANK dynasty 12. The last capital city of the Shank Dynasty, which featured lavish tombs for the kings, was Yin 13. Chou dynasty laid the foundation for principles of agreement and political legitimacy. 14. THe Mandate of Heaven allowed the ruler to serve as a link between the heavens and the earth 15.

Because of the immense size of the Chou Tate, its emperors were forced to rely on a decentralized system of government. 16. One of the reasons for the eventual collapse of the Chou Dynasty was the inability of its emperors to control the production of iron 17. The “Period of the Warring States” refers to the chaotic last centuries of the Chou Dynasty 18. In ancient China, the group that presided at the rites and ceremonies honoring the spirits of departed ancestors was the patriarchal heads of the families 19. In regard to gaining or losing the Mandate of Heaven, the Chinese spoke of titan, an impersonal heavenly power 20.

The Chinese began to make extensive use of writing during the Shank Dynasty 21 . In an effort to foretell the future, the Shank made use of oracle bones 22. The lines, “This young lady is going to her future home, And will order well her chamber and house” come from the Book of Songs 23. Many of the early CHinese literary works were destroyed by order of the first Sin emperor 24. The nomadic tribes to the north and west of CHina traded with the Chou but didn’t imitate Chinese ways 25. The powerful southern rival to the Chou were the Chug

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