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At the same time it was the one hundred anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln, and the speech took place on the steps of his memorial In Washington DC. The March on Washington for job and freedom was part of the civil rights movement that rose across united States in sass’s and us. America was segregated at that time. The civil rights movement wanted civil equalities and an end to social discrimination that endured African-American. In the speech, “l have a dream”, Dry King supported his rhetoric with civil rights facts and social reality of that time.

The hundredth anniversary of the “Emancipation Proclamation” set a stage for a powerful Impact in the story of the civil rights movement, and it became a worldwide symbol against discrimination. The Emancipation Proclamation leads to the end of slavery across united states. It sets up the African American to Freedom. Dry King uses the reference to demonstrate the rightfulness of African Americans’ freedom. In the same way, the title of the Constitution of united States Is “We the People”. Dry King refers to the constitution to enclose the rightfulness of the African American as a part of the country.

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He shows the rights of African American to be treated equality as any citizens. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and it protects the basic right of Americans. The first amendment of the constitution guaranties and protects basic rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The reference to the first amendment at the beginning of the speech is important because it establish Dry king right to speak and It protects the audience against repression. Dry King finishes the foundation of his speech with The Declaration of Independence. He quotes:” the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While Dry King uses historical facts and Governmental documents, he introduces the concepts that those documents are still not fully applied to all American citizens. African American are denied the basic rights that any citizens should have. After referring to the Emancipation Proclamation, Dry King states “the life of the Negro Is still badly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. ” In the same way, he implied that the constitution and the declaration of 1 OFF remises the right for “all men-yes, black men as well as white men” but “America has defaulted on this promissory note. Basically, Dry King uses the foundations of the American Nation and he states that those rights are not applied to African American. The introduction gives major arguments of persuasion to support the rest of the speech. During the introduction, Dry King presents his rhetorical style of pounding repetition to convey his points. For example, the first repetition used is “One hundred years later” to support the fact that African American are still not free one hundred ear after the Emancipation Proclamation. In the same time that Dry King repeats, he changes the intonation of his voice and he speaks louder.

The deeper intonation, the volume and the repetition give an intensity that carries up the crowd toward exultation. Those are full of emotion for the audience. The same technicians is employed all along the speech. This technicians enhances the charisma of Dry King, and the crowd is transported. Following the support of his speech, Dry King starts moving toward how African American can change the situation, and that they cannot surrender. The repetition We cannot be satisfied” is there to rally the African American audience toward a common agreement.

In the same way, Dry King relates to the crowd and acknowledge the audience with the repetition of “some of you have” and “Go back to”. Dry King shows his support and consideration for the obstacles people had overcome to be present at the speech. He encourages the crowd to spread the word back where they live. Now that Dry Kind has built the foundation of his speech and that he has related to the crowd, the audience is ready to listen to his message of hope.. “L still have a ream” shows there is hope and the past will not dictate the future. L still have a dream” introduces one of the most powerful part of Dry Kings speech, which is the rhetoric of “l have a dream. ” Following this rhetoric, Dry King reveals how African American can reach freedom and equality in the American society. In the same way he uses a repetition technique to convey his ideas. “With this faith” and “together”, he gives a keys of a successful transition toward improving African American civil rights. Faith and the common effort with the integrate part of the society will success.

The sat part of the speech is a call for freedom which is the symbol of the spirit of the American people. The repetition of “Let freedom ring” introduce the crowd to the final sentence of the speech “Free at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last. ” I think “l have a dream” is a powerful pounding elocution of rightness and hope. Dry King carried the public speech with a voluntary variation of his voice’s tone upon clearly establish the main points. Dry King adopted a public communication style so he could communicate effectively with the audience.

He spoke in a clear formal way ND he eliminated distracting vocal and physical mannerism. The public speech was highly structured. Dry King builds the foundation of his speech on the Emancipation Proclamation, the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, so he had solid irrevocable facts to support his persuasive message. He employed a pounding repetition of the main concepts that he preached. The series of repetition at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, we are free at last. ” Martin Luther King entered history with this famous speech that is known all across the world.

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