Detente – Was it successful? Assignment

Detente – Was it successful? Assignment Words: 749

However, the term D??tenet simply means a loosening of tensions, which did happen ND therefore is it correct to say that it failed? D??tenet certainly backed away from more incidents like the Cuban Missile Crisis happening once again, and cooperation increased between the powers significantly, therefore to a fairly large extent I don’t agree that D??tenet was a failure. The policy was often viewed as ‘soft’ and it was criticized by many Americans because the aggressive Soviet Expansionism continued.

On the other hand though, expansionism doesn’t signify any failure, because D??tenet was not a tool to stop communism from spreading like containment was, but a policy to reduce tensions, or this reason Soviet Expansion can’t be seen as a factor for the failure’ of D??tenet to any extent. It was also viewed as a failure because not all of the policies worked, for instance the Helsinki Agreement of 1975 was an agreement based around human rights, it was completely dismissed by the USSR, who viewed it as a ‘scrap of paper and as a country they continued to suppress people.

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Moreover, other agreements had faults too, such as SALT 1 which failed to put caps on new advances of weapons and which only lasted for five years. To some extent these policies can be seen to have failed, yet despite these downfalls, as a whole we cannot view D??tenet as a failure because there were positives to the policies, such as Increased communication which In turn reduced tensions – the alma of D??tenet. Other people viewed D??tenet as a failure because The Cold War continued afterwards; they wanted D??tenet to end the war completely.

Following the period of D??tenet, the appointment of Ronald Reagan as president of America led to a period of the ‘Neo-cons’, a group of people that hated communism and wanted to eliminate t. For this reason, the Cold War fired up again, and some people believe that because of this, the policy of D??tenet was a failure; however to a large extent this is untrue, because D??tenet was never a promise to end the Cold War, and both the Americans and the Soviets were aware that it was not the end. D??tenet was a promise to reduce tensions, which It did successfully to a great extent.

On the other hand, when reviewing D??tenet overall In relation to Its aim, It was incredibly successful. The policy of D??tenet aimed to reduce tensions between the Missile Crisis, which put into perspective how easily the countries could destroy each other; MAD, mutually assured destruction was the name given to this realization. In terms of mutually assured destruction, d??tenet was a positive thing; it increased communications for example through the use of the hotlist set up and these steps avoided further crisis.

For this reason, D??tenet was to no extent a failure. In addition, D??tenet had other successes for both America and The Soviet Union. America were able to use D??tenet as a tool to get out of Vietnam, which was positive n terms of its international relationships. Moreover, D??tenet stopped the Soviet Union from feeling isolated by the relationship built up by China and America, which was positive because this in turn reduced tensions and increased communications – the overall aim.

Finally, D??tenet improved the economic situation in both America and The USSR after the arms race had taken it’s toll, this was done by an increase in trade and technology across the iron curtain. All these factors were positive and the loosened tensions between the superpowers, therefore D??tenet was without a doubt success in achieving its aim. In conclusion, it’s obvious that D??tenet did have many downfalls and for this reason many people instantly conclude that it was a failure.

On the other hand, to a large extent D??tenet achieved its purpose because many policies reduced the tension that was present. D??tenet should not be seen to have failed due to the fact that the Cold War continued, because that was not the intention of the policy. Overall, it’s evident that d??tenet was only a failure to a marginal extent because of the downfall of some of the agreements, yet to a significant extent, D??tenet was a success.

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