Council of Trent Compare and Contrast E Assignment

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After the Council met, there was much less corruption in the church than before and new orders appeared to recruit people to Catholicism, but he Church did use torture and devastation to convert people to their religion Just as they always had. Before the Council met, pluralism, the selling of Indulgences, and absenteeism was fully allowed, but that would be forever changed. For example, Priests from state churches would often hold offices from many different churches. This was “Illegal” at the time; however, It was commonly overlooked.

The Council of Trend decided to end pluralism which was partially the reason the catholic reformation began. Also, Pope Leo X allowed John Tested to sell indulgences to gain revenue to build SST. Pall’s Basilica. People thought they could pay a certain amount of money for a sin to be forgiven. This originally started Protestantism by Martin Luther. Trying to unite the different religions, the Council decided to also not allow this corrupt practice. Furthermore, Priests would often hire the common person to deliver the weekly sermon, paying them much less the Church is paying the priest.

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The community was then not getting a sermon given by “God’s hand. ” Pope Paul Ill, whom started the Council, decided to remove this fraudulent act to reinstate harmony among not only the highly placed Lutheran, Catholics, and Calvinist but also the common peasants. The Church was full of scandal and foul play that angered many before the decisions of the Council changed the course of the Roman Catholic Church history. New orders and organizations were created to help many causes like education to raise their moral and intellectual levels with not only the clergy but also the common people.

First, Angela Merit created the Ursine Order to educate future wives and mothers by opening schools. They hoped to re-Christianize the society. The papal used to believe in enclosure of women and no ministries until the Council and papal finally recognized the order showing the changing times. Next, Igniting Loyola created the Jesuit Order or the Society of Jesus which hoped to stop the spread of Protestantism. The members were called Jesuits, and they were deferent from regular monks because they actually traveled to countries to spread the world.

This was a large step In the counter-reformation. Along with the Society of Jesus, Loyola wrote the “Spiritual Exercises” which men read on the spiritual retreats to learn methods on how to convert someone to Catholicism. This helped bring many recruitment’s and converted southern Germany and much of Eastern Europe back to cottontails. I revealing monolayer’s Ana caudate women were very modern Ideas that were created by the Council of Trend. The Church didn’t change on one aspect which was using torture, destruction, and violence.

For Example, the church, before the council, would often burn at the stake or get their heads chopped off if they disagreed with Catholic ways. If people refused to pay the Church taxes, they were sent to an inhumane fate. Moreover, the Council of Trend created the Congregation of the Holy Office which oversaw the inquisition. This was a special church court that combated heresy practicing Roman law Just like jack in the Renaissance. Roman law believes in very painful and gruesome ways to get information out of people. In this way, times had not changed at all.

Lastly, the court published the “Index of Forbidden Books” which was a list of books not allowed. The church would take books and burn them if they had any Protestantism ideas in them or if they were written by Calvinist or Lutheran. They were still afraid of losing Catholicism as the main religion. The Catholic Church still hadn’t changed with their torturous ways they used in the Medieval and Renaissance times. The Council of Trend did bring much change to the Catholic Church and in response, change in everyday lives of the people.

The Church fixed their corruption, even though that wasn’t exactly what the Council was convened for. People and clergy were morally and intellectually enlightened by the new orders from the court, but violence was still an issue Just as it had been centuries before. The evolution of Catholic policies are most drastically seen at the Council of Trend. The policies created with similarity to past ones while other policies were created to show the modern times ahead.

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