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One thing she did remembered that I had never heard about before was Bell Helicopter, which was owned by Lady Bird Johnson, she mentioned that there was controversy on the money made. When I looked for information on Bell Helicopter, could not locate any information that supported what she remembered. Because could not obtain any additional information, I cannot say for sure whether it was true or not, however; what I did discover was that Lyndon B Johnson was not well liked, so it makes me wonder if the discussion about Bell Helicopter was true or not.

My next interviewee is a captain in the USAF and his awaiting approval to become a Major. What he told me about the Cold War was (personal communication, February 10, 201 3) “We had more funds during the Cold War. ” He went on to say (personal communication, February 10, 201 3) “We had more personnel as a contingency for a two war front. ” He stated he had been on many bases that were developed during the Cold War, to him it was shocking (personal communication, February 10, 2013). I asked him to elaborate; he stated that here were tons of supplies and vehicles, e. G. (personal communication, February 12, 2013). Suppose this means that the bases were well prepared for an attack should there be one. My next interviewee was Mary Robbins, her recollection of the war between the United States and Soviet Union is that it began around 1945 (Mary Robbins personal communication February 10, 2013). This information coincides with the information gathered for this paper what I found that the between the years of 1945-1991 the Cold War acetated the worldwide rivalry between the United States and the Soviet union (“Fast Attacks and Boomers,” 2000).

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The last individual I interviewed spoke of about the precautions and preparation that took place. I interviewed my aunt who said when she was growing up bomb shelter drills. She also mentioned they were taught to hide under their desks in a certain manner, head down, hands behind your neck for fear that the Russians were coming. They also feared arms race, was not sure what this meant so looked it up, as had heard it more than once. Arms race meant nuclear war according to “The Nuclear Arms Race” (2000-2013) “The nuclear arms race was central to the Cold War.

Many feared where the Cold War was going with the belief that the more nuclear weapons you had, the more powerful you were. Both America and Russia massively built up their stockpiles of nuclear weapons (Para. L). My aunt also stated that she remembered the mention of blacklists, I discovered these lists actually existed. When reflecting on all three individuals I interviewed along with the information I found researching ND talking to other people in general I gained more insight then I had before. Eve come to realize that not many individuals remember the Cold War, until started reading about everything that happened I to have forgotten anything I had learned in the past. The Cold War like any war for that matter was ugly to many lives lost not to mention it lasting way too long. I cannot say in my view point what it accomplished yes We have more nuclear Weapons but why? Nuclear weapons are dangerous they can be used as a threat and can cause damage but other than that why do we need them.

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