Communism: Post World War Ii Events Assignment

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Russia did not want to allow their portion to be unified into a post-War Germany for fear that the Germans would again be an aggressive and powerful invader. They blockaded Berlin which forced the U. S. O circumvent the blockade by flying planes over and dropping food and supplies to the Berliners. Meanwhile, Russia was helping communists successfully gain control the governments of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania. Their section of Germany became the communist held regime of East Germany. The plan’s aim was to rebuild the democratic and economic systems of Europe and to counter perceived threats to Rupee’s balance of power, such as communist parties seizing control through revolutions or elections. 70] The plan also stated that European prosperity was contingent upon German economic recovery. E allowed their freedom B. The Marshall Plan The view of the Marshall Plan is that it was a bold strategy for helping the nations of Western Europe rebuild and grow strong enough to fend off the spread of communism. The Marshall Plan was both an event in the Cold War and an important part of the recovery of Post-World War 2 Germany and Europe. In the first few years after the war ended, Germany remained devastated economically. Germany faced major problems due to the loss of agricultural East Germany to Russia making it necessary for the other three zones to import food from outside Germany.

Germany had no way to pay for the food so it was “charity” food. The American and British reacted quickly realizing that such a “welfare” system could not last forever. Germany had to be revived economically. They quickly organized programs designed to reopen factories in their two zones. This worked well since the effect of the bombings was deceptive and many factories could be quickly reopened. Still, much recovery work needed to be done . In 1 947, after Russia refused to assist in rebuilding the continent, General George Marshall and staff began to work on a major plan to help revivalist the continent.

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On April 3, 1 948, President Truman signed the Foreign Assistance Act, the legislation establishing the Marshall Plan. The plan concentrated on fixing the damaged infrastructure, flooded coal mines, and senseless trade barriers – that were slowing the growth in each nation’s economy . Partly as a result of the Marshall Plan, the European economy came roaring back after World War II and most of Europe was saved from the grasp of communist Soviet Union. The Soviets and its communists satellites, on the other hand, went downhill economically until even the whole communist System fell apart.

The election of Conrad Deadener also helped greatly with the recovery of Germany in Post-World War II. He was elected German Chancellor in 1949 and served until 1965. However, the perfect ingredients were in place for the Marshall Plan to be successful in Post-World War II Europe. Europe was a highly advanced industrial society before the war so adequate skilled manpower for an industrial recovery was present after the war. Additionally, the many European plants which had produced war items were easily converted to producing peace-time items after the war.

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