Cold War Policy Assignment

Cold War Policy Assignment Words: 431

Provide a brief explanation of the approaches. Both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower believed in implementing a policy Of containment. An American Foreign Service Officer, George Keenan, wrote a long telegram that contained a message suggesting the United States’ foreign policy should focus on containing Russian expansive tendencies. Up to the breakdown of communism in 1989, successive Presidential administrations following Trauma’s’ has adopted and altered a variation of this policy. Another approach was the Marshall Plan, formally the European Recovery

Program, proposed by George Marshall in 1947 was an attempt to promote capitalism in expense of communism. The United States took this position to stabilize the region after the war, assisting in reviving the economy, in addition to their political and social structure (Post War Years, 2009). What were two major changes within American society and culture that were caused by the Cold War? Provide a brief explanation of how the Cold War caused these changes. One of the cultural changes developed from the cold war includes the Anti-Communism movement in societies, which placed ensue of anxiety in people.

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This tactic, McCarthy, involved the outlawing of communist teaching requiring people in various sectors to deny any communist sympathies. Those accused of being a communist, as the Truman administration and the FBI performed loyalty checks on employees, experienced reputable as well as professional harm (Bowels, 2011). The Cold War caused these changes in that anti-Communism dominated American domestic politics at this time as people feared the IS. S. Government was susceptible to a Communist takeover of influence.

These ideologies prompted organizations, such as the Board of Education, and remove liberal texts from schools, ban Communist teaching. These policies existed as Americans attempted to study ways to “promote patriotism and combat Communism (Lyons, 2005). ” Another change within American society and culture caused by the Cold War was that of most American people inasmuch it placed a spotlight on its prejudices. African American, Indian, and other cultures considered second class because of their skin color or nationality, fought side y side with white Americans in WI, yet fought for their respect.

The intense sociopolitical disputes between the United States and the Soviet Union developed during the Cold War aided in strengthening awareness of racial inequality, consequently inciting a slight advancement of the societal position for African Americans. This improvement goes hand in Hand with discussion one as it presented a platform as African Americans fought against discrimination and disenfranchisement in the Civil Rights Movement. Since the United States was advocating capitalism and democracy, Truman felt

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