Cold WarQuestions Assignment

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Historical details are present but are mainly inaccurate and/ or of marginal relevance. Historical context or processes are barely understood and there is minimal focus on the task. 6 7: Answers indicate some understanding Of the question but historical knoll edge is limited in quality and quantity. Historical context may be present as will under restating of historical processes but underdeveloped. The question is only partially add reseed. 8 9: The demands of the question are generally understood.

Historical Knowles edge is present but is not fully or accurately detailed. Knowledge is narrative or descry votive in nature. There may be limited argument that requires further substantiation. Critical commentary may be present. An attempt to place events in historical context and show an understanding of historical processes. An attempt at a structured approach h, either chronological or thematic has been made. 10 12: Answers indicate that the question is understood but not all implications insider. Knowledge is largely accurate.

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Critical commentary may be pres .NET. Events are generally placed in context and understanding of historical processes, such h as comparison and contrast are present. There may be awareness of different a approaches and interpretations but they are not based on relevant historical knowledge. There is a clear attempt at a structured approach. 13 15: Answers are clearly focused on the demands of the question. Specific knowledge is applied as evidence, and analysis or critical commentary are use d appropriately to produce a specific argument.

Events are placed in context a ND there is sound understanding of historical processes and comparison and contrast. E valuation of different approaches may be used to substantiate arguments presented. 16 20: Answers are clearly structured and focused, have full awareness Of the d emends of the question, and if appropriate may challenge it. Detailed specific Knowles edge is used as evidence to support assertions and arguments. Historical processes such comparison and contrast, placing events in context and evaluating different interpretations are used appropriately and effectively.

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