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The difference between Baroque and classical music begins with the era that they came into transition. Baroque music emerged in ‘Italy during the renaissance period between 1600 and sass’s. Baroque orchestras are small in size and the use of the harpsichord (harp) is popular in this style of music. Baroque requires the use of many string instruments such as; the violin, violoncello, viola, and contrabass. The organ and flute were also among the instruments used to create baroque music.

Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto Is a prime example of music created during the Baroque period. Classical music emerged In Europe In the mild-17th century. It Is a bit lighter and clearer than Baroque music, and uses more dynamic’s such as; the pianoforte (piano). Unlike Baroque orchestras, classical orchestras use woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, and the use of the harp diminished during this era. The clarinet, bassoon, trumpet and timpani along with piano were added to the orchestra.

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Classical orchestras are larger In size than those or Baroque orchestras, ND the rhythm and tone differ, however the orchestra’s string Instrumentation Is very similar as is the harmonic structure. It is believed that the formation of classical music requires more intellect and training than that of Baroque or modern music. Classical music has more complexity and form, with certain patterns, contours and stresses; as does the music of Mozart. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a talented composer and pianist of the classical era.

Mozart music had a bold expression with complexity and depth. He composed many sonatas, symphonies, masses, concertos and operas. Johann Sebastian Bach of German descend, was a multivalent composer and musician. He was a well-known organist, pianist, violinist, harpsichordist, of the Baroque era. Mozart music is deferent than that of Bach’s in the sense that the orchestras defer in size and Instrumentation. The rhythm and melody of each Is unique In Its’ own way, and each has a different effect on the listener.

Classical music tends to affect the serotonin levels In the brain, causing a feeling of Joy. A release of tension is said to occur while listening to classical music and an increase in cognitive skills has been reported in prior studies, in fact, classical music is said to enhance spatial ‘Q. Rhythm and melody, two essential components of music, tend to affect me the most when listening to music. The melody of Mozart music relaxes me. I feel as if it heals my body and boosts my spirit; as If the music provides a release of tension.

The harmony of classical music Is also very relaxing, almost as If I can picture myself n a field of tall grass and wild flowers and the wind blowing softly. Both Baroque and Classical music synchronize emotions of relaxation. Mozart and Bach’s music differ from modern music in a sense that modern music is more upbeat with a pop style to it. Modern music does not provide a proper balance of rhythm and melody as does classical and baroque. Modern music is not based on form, unlike Mozart music that Is based mostly on form. Modern music gives an Impression of temperament significance than modern music today.

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