Civil War Outline Assignment

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I. Introduction A. Beginning of Civil War: Reasons, Fort Sumter, Confederate capital B. First Battle of Bull Run C. Preparing for War D. War in the West E. War in the East F. The South Attacks II. Beginning of Civil War: A. Causes leading up to the Civil War ??? Freedom Rights B. Attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. C. States seceding from the Union ??? Order of successions D. Choosing of the Confederate capital ??? Montgomery and Richmond III. First Battle of Bull Run A. Preparing for battle Not an army, volunteers, 35000 troops B. Objective or plan for the battle by the Union ??? Manassas C. Confederate plan and preparations ??? Additional troops by train D. The Battle ??? Confederate recedes then goes back cause of Gen. Jackson E. Turn out of the Battle ??? Union runs back to D. C. and Confederates win; Casualties IV. Preparing for War A. Strengths of the North and the South ??? Factories, Ammunition, money, railroads, military training, more troops B. Union Military Strategies Blockades, Mississippi River and Ports C. Confederate War Strategies ??? Prepare and wait, war of attrition, exports D. Tactics and Technology ??? Bullets, shells, canisters V. War in the West A. General George McClellan, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant ??? New army for the Union, top groups B. Forts Henry and Donelson ??? Gunboats, strategies, Soldiers C. The Battle of Shiloh ??? Corinth, Mississippi, Bloody D. Action on the Mississippi ??? Captures and control of Union on Mississippi VI. War in the East A. The Monitor and the Merrimack Materials and Purpose, wooden navies obsolete B. The Peninsular Campaign ??? 100,000 troops from D. C. , Gen McClellan and Abraham Lincoln, Battle of Seven Pines VII. The South Attacks A. Seven Days’ Battle ??? Strategy of Gen. Jackson B. The Second Battle of Bull Run ??? General John Pope, attack and defeat C. The Battle of Atietam ??? North Battle, European support, amount of troops before and wounded VIII. Conclusion A. From Bull Run to Antietam ??? Give the topics B. Recap ??? What talked about C. Concluding sentence

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