Boston Massacre Assignment

Boston Massacre Assignment Words: 468

There were many reasons why the Colonists felt that they should not be treated as the British treated them. The day before the massacre took place, many of civilians took different sides than the British troops at John Gravy’s Repeal in the Fort Hill district. The soldiers in the misunderstanding were arrested but pleaded not guilty days later. There were only two soldiers that were found guilty of manslaughter. They both entered a claim, and were granted right by clergy to avoid the death sentence.

They were released but were branded the letter “M” for manslaughter on their thumbs. Samuel Adams and Paul Revere used the Boston Massacre as propaganda to anger the patriots in other colonies. Shortly after was the Tea Act of 1 773 followed by the Boston Tea Party (Thomas Kind). Later that night a Boston Merchant by the name of James Forrest busted into John Adams office who was a Boston Attorney. James asked John to defend the soldiers and their captain, Thomas Preston for what had been done.

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Even though, John had second thoughts about taking this case because he did not want to put his and his family’s life at risk; he didn’t hesitate because he believes everyone should have a fair trial and should get an equal opportunity. I support this because I also think that everyone gets a fair and equal trial. Just because these soldiers had loaded guns and used them to their advantage, they should get a fair trial because if they hear the word fire and they are in assembly line being taunted by colonist then they were just following orders.

Captain Preston and eight other soldiers were arrested. Some of Boston residence such as Samuel Adams and John Hancock demanded for instant removal of the soldiers (Doug Linden). Authorities come to conclusion and decide captain Preston should have a separate trial from the other soldiers. The soldiers beg to have trial with their obtain as leader, because it is unfair to be tried separately when they hear a command they have to obey it or they will be shot and killed, and their command was to fire as well as the church bell ringing; which mean attack.

The soldiers are denied a joint trial and John Adams defends both of them. Nearly eight weeks later, the soldiers attend their trial. Witnesses testify that there were disputes between the colonists and military, as well as three days prior to the massacre at grays repeal. Samuel Hemmingway swore that Matthew Killjoy was the one responsible of the death of John Gray (Doug Linden). Defendant’s state that the colonists were uncontrollable and way out of hand. The civilians were throwing whatever they could at the soldiers.

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