Black Germans During the Holocaust Assignment

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Hitler and his minions tortured non-Aryans because they were considered of lesser value to his regime. History books are filled with horrific tales of mistreatment of human beings he considered Inferior: Jews, those who were disabled, gay or lesbians. However, most people are unaware that there was a small population of Germans of African descent who were also victims. According to The united States Holocaust Memorial Museum website, “The fate of black people… In

Nazi Germany and In German-occupied territories ranged from isolation to persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder”. Because of the small number of black Germans during the Third Reich they were not subject to a systematic extermination like other groups, however, they still experienced horrific treatment. With the mission of eliminating any other race besides the Aryans, Inhumane measures were taken to make sure that black Germans would not be able to reproduce. A common method that was used not only or the blacks but also other minority groups was forced sterilization.

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All black Germans waited in fear for the time that they would be required to have the procedure. One woman, Doris Reproach, described her scare of almost becoming “clean” stating, “At that time I was supposed to be sterilized, too. They took me to the women’s clinic; I cried my eyes out on the way”. As an innocent young woman she wanted the opportunity to have children and the Nazi regime forcibly removed this right from black German citizens. Along with sterilization, reproductive rights were rather controlled when laws were created that made It Illegal for Germans to engage in mixed relationships.

It was argued, ” ‘[that] “Negro blood” was of lesser value and that mixing it with “white blood” would destroy European culture’ Incidentally, there are Nazi propaganda Images depicting mixed race friendships as an Indication of “a loss of racial pride”. As a result of these views children produced from these relationships were severely mistreated and described with such statements as, ” ‘God made all whites and Blacks, half-breeds come from the devil’ or ‘Half breeds can only inherit the bad characteristics of both races’ Since black and mixed race Individuals were considered Inferior. s were their family members, opportunities to contribute to the culture in a positive way were few. Black German citizens were denied privileges on a regular basis during this time period. Finding a Job was nearly impossible and if they did find one, keeping it was even more unlikely. Erik Anagram described her experience stating: In looking for a training position… I heard at every turn: What, you want to work for us? “We only hire ‘Aryans’. “… Finally, I found a Job that I really liked, in a Dancing art shop.

However, after four weeks I had to leave, because business associates had threatened my boss that they would stop doing business with him If he kept me on. He was very stratified with me, and he was really sorry. The explanation for her Job loss was because she was a “mulatto”. White German parents also suffered discrimination as well. In Destined to 1 OFF hospital, “It wasn’t until many years later Mute told me the real reason for her dismissal-??the fact that she conceived a child by and African-??and some of the details of the ordeal she suffered while fighting to keep her Job”.

This was a commonality for blacks throughout Germany. Another opportunity blacks were denied was a membership in Hitter’s Youth. Mosquito explained how a teacher took him aside when he was young and explained much to his dismay, ” ‘l always thought you knew that you could not Join the Jungle because you are non-Aryan… You know your father is an African. Under the Nurturers laws, non-Aryans are not allowed to become members of the Hitler Youth movement’ “. Shocked because he considered myself a German, he described the situation when his mother took him to apply anyway.

The young Nazi that greeted them said, ” ‘Since it hasn’t occurred to you by now, I have to tell you that there is no place for your son in the organization or in the Germany were are about to build’ Hitler and the Nazis did not want anything to do with the blacks Germany let alone let them in to their exclusive organization. Additionally, black Germans were stripped of their citizenship and had their passports taken away. This was another ploy to dissimulate them from the rest of society.

Although an often overlooked group during this dark period in world history, black Germans were treated nearly as brutally as the other minority groups. Thankfully, Hitter’s ploy for “racial hygiene” did not reach its pinnacle, but the years of Nazi rule were not without incredible loss. It is important to recognize this particular group when we honor these losses and move forward as a human race.

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