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The work ethic of Franklin could be considered a passionate and energetic man who motivated himself by self- determination and his strong work ethic to achieve self-improvement. Beyond his personal ambitions to attain self-improvement, Franklins deep notions and convictions inspired him to help others for a better life. Franklins desire in providing and creating useful solutions for society and states, his recounting of the assistance he gave to others demonstrated his convictions in his reasons for writing.

In addition, the author Perkins in his book “The American Tradition in Literature” narrates that: “Franklins mind approved and his behavior demonstrated the fundamental concepts of the Age of Reason – that in the reality of the world as revealed to the senses, distrust of the mystical or mysterious, confidence in the attainment of progress by education and humanitarianism, and the assurance that an appeal to reason would provide solutions for all human problems, including those of society and the state” (Perkins, P 154).

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Consequently, Franklins journey began from insufficient or lack of resources for education to a wealthy man of enormous stature and influence punctuates his emphasis on hard work and determination. Franklins limitless desire for knowledge and his persistent Ursula of bettering himself or self-improvement were central to his character. Every success and achievements in his life only encouraged him to achieve more. From the childhood, Franklins was a fond of reading, and a penny he was able to earn was ever laid out in books.

Starting from a young age, Franklin was academically more advanced than others which allowed him to be so successful through the printing press from the beginning. Franklins adequate time consumption in printing press enabled him to document his apprenticeship. This means, development in American urinals placed an important beginning for American democracy and the opening steps for American Revolution. Further, Due to his extensive hard work and his central character for self- improvements, Franklin never remembers not being able to read, allowing him to not have to go through as much schooling.

As a consequence, at the age of twelve Franklin was able to start his work of printing. This not only brought significant approach to American democracy, but it became a great means of awareness for communities to be informed of opinions and circulate their notions introduction the rule of king. Apparently, science started to have a great impact on Franklins life and after a while he handed his printing business over to his foreman with the intention of devoting his life to nothing but science.

Electricity was a phenomenon that interested Franklin deeply. His experiments and observations on electricity brought him international fame. Benjamin Franklin between 1757 and 1775 after returning to Philadelphia has been elected as a committee member to draft the Declaration of Independence. He brilliantly negotiated a treaty of alliance in 1778 where with is accompanies arranged the terms and signed the treaty of Paris that ended the revolution (Perkins, P 156).

Franklin was simply the architect of American democracy and an important part of laying the American intellectual tradition as that which was different from that of Europe. Franklin considered one of the American individualism who wrote from experiences of businesses, with their publishing and with the issues of management and ethics. Being a successful business man, Benjamin Franklin was a diligent worker that knew what moves to make at the right time. Evidence shows that from the early age f sixteen; he ran away, leaving behind everything so he could have a better lifestyle.

His early years motivated many Americans and other individuals in the world to read his autobiography or other biographies about him because he was smart on what business moves he made, which ended up making him a very successful man in various areas. Benjamin Franklin can be credited for the success of the newspaper, contributing an opinion that stirred up people, and information that the early Americans would not have known otherwise. At sixty-five, Franklin wrote on account of his first twenty-four years, intended or his son. Franklins expressed intent at the commencement Of his book to write his personal stories for his son.

He references that he began in poverty and obscurity in early stages of his life and rose to a place of reputation later. He expected he could relate how he had made that journey so that his son might imitate him. Although, he began writing story to his son, it is apparent later in the book that he is convinced that he can influence a larger audience. Franklins mission of his and his willing of self-severity and self-improvement for other’s was an important means to educate readers about his autobiography using his personal illustrations.

He frequently points out the errors of his life, which he trusts will serve to benefit others by their not making the same mistakes. In addition to Franklins desire to help people individually, he was intensely aware of the possibility that various useful projects could improve the lives of the public at large. Many of the projects that Franklin undertook were Of great benefit in bringing information, aid and assistance, and comfort. He founded the Philadelphia library, assisted in establishing a hospital, and formed the Union Fire Company.

Besides these argue ventures, Franklin endeavored to make life better by involving himself in smaller projects. According to one of his virtues, order, he was expecting to devote more of his time to projects and his studies. For instance, Franklin noticed that in the midst of his beautiful city there were unpaved streets that caused carriages great difficulty in inclement weather. Yet, another accomplishment of Benjamin Franklin was that when he returned to the united States in 1785 he was made president of the Pennsylvania executive council. The last great service of Franklin was that he took part in the Federal

Constitutional Convention of 1787 (Perkins, p. 156). Benjamin Franklin also signed the U. S. Constitution, making him the only person to sign the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris and the IS . S. Constitution. The evidence is clear that Benjamin Franklin played a predominant role in the formation and unity of his country. Without the strong influences in America during his time, America would not be the growing, thriving, independent country it is today. Benjamin Franklin helped make America strong, contributing and approving ideas and ideologies that The United States of

America still uses. The founder fathers shaped America, putting the peoples say in every decision, making a nation that would succeed and last. Benjamin Franklin did not realize the affect he would continue to have over every single American, through his help with political advances. It can be concluded that Benjamin Franklins life had a great affect not only on his generation, but on many generations that would follow. His intellectual curiosity, ingenuity, and desire to do well propelled him into a lifelong pursuit of improving himself and serving as a model for others to benefit from.

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