Australia’s Involvement in the Vietnam War Assignment

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Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War (1954 1975) erupted because of the threat of freedom and danger towards Australia’s democracy and society. Officially in 1966 a if blown war erupted and Australia’s military commitment increased. Australian troops also fought before the war in South Korea(1950 1953), as communist North Korea sought to unite them both into communism.

The main reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war was because of the fear of communism, which also relates to the theory f the domino effect and Australia’s allies with the US, Britain and New Zealand was also a reason for their involvement in the Vietnam war. The growing web of communism was a result of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam m war. People in countries like the USA, I-J, Australia and New Zealand feared that Eastern Europe and Asia would go communist in rapid succession. As Australia is an anti communist country, the thought of change was a reason for Australia’s involvement I n the war.

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Australia’s further involvement in the Vietnam war can be attributed to their belief in the theory of the Domino effect. The domino effect was a foreign policy which speculated that if one country falls under communism then the surrounding countries would follow in a Domino effect, as already Russia web of power was spreading to South east Asia. This popular analogy was exposed by the media through propaganda posters. This was a drive for young Australian men to fall as a victim to conscription to stop communism in its t racks in Vietnam.

Amidst Australia’s growing struggles over communism, their alliance with the US was reassuring symbol of a uniquely powerful protector. After World War II Australia still r elided on Britain to come to our aid in the event of an attack, but formed a close bond with t heir new best friend America. After World war II in order for the US to protect our country Australia built an American naval base to attack the invading countries. This was fulfill led to publicize Australia’s loyalty to America. Australia had a formal alliance with the US, the is is

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