Andrew Jackson: The U.S. President Assignment

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How does Jackson change over time? What do we know about Jackson based upon these portraits? The first shown portrait of Andrew Jackson was a small picture by a friend Jean-Fran??ois De la Valley. This image shows Jackson as the young, poor, and common man. The following images however, show Jackson in an athletic position and give the sense of heroines and justice. This dissimilarity indicates the first two of three stages of his life. In Charles Severing lithograph Of Jackson in New Orleans, we are shown his growth from a poor an to a national celebrity.

Because of this, we know that Andrew Jackson’s appreciated life had sequences of an easily admirable “zero to hero”. Paintings that are also shown later elaborately translate Jackson’s third stage in his life- politics. This stage addresses Jackson’s political career as the nation’s leader and president. In several of the latest pieces, he is suited in formal attire and the paintings backgrounds and feel give a sense of intelligence and power. A dramatic change between the first and the last artworks are the expense of the art.

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As the time progresses, the artwork is more costly and qualitative showing Jackson’s growth in money and success. Overall, citizens of Jackson’s time were in awe of him because of his likable “American dream” story of a hero coming from the common or poor and the pieces of art portray this accurately. 2. Think about the quote and the images and then answer the question ‘Who was Andrew Jackson? ” Andrew Jackson was the most admired president of his time. Although he was extremely contradictory, he attained being seen as a war hero, an intelligent political man, and a great representation of the American dream.

It is hard to believe that the same man who slaughtered thousands of Indian people and forced them out of their homeland received ample attention and admiration. This fame is because of his military and political chain reaction of success. Jackson participated in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. When he lead against and defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans, he was quickly famous. This reputation appeared because although the war was technically already over, the American had wretchedly been fatted by the British in several of the battles, in New Orleans, the Americans had victory.

His earned fame helped him reach presidency. Andrew Jackson did the most of many presidents to increase democracy and men’s voting rights. But, the congress passed the 1830 Indian Removal Act (allowed the federal government to pay Native Americans to move West), Andrew Jackson persuaded Cherokees to give up land (they were driven 1 ,OHO miles away from their homeland on the Trail of Tears and many died), and he violently treated all Indian people without justice. This caused huge interdicts.

So, when asking “Who was Andrew Jackson? ‘ depending on who you ask, you could get several different answers. Savage or saint, Andrew Jackson made a huge impact on American society during his time and expansion. 1 . “Did the Cherokee Indians change their lifestyle to reflect white American standards of the time? ” Make sure to include examples. Yes, The Cherokee Indians rearranged their lifestyle immensely to insure more tranquility and reached standards between themselves and the Americans.

Around 1790, Cherokees were seen as an isolated nation by the deader government with laws. They took their case against the state of Georgia to court in 1832 and later signed a treaty in 1835 (these are both obvious signs of participation and compromise). However, the Americans dismissed these laws and still led them out of their home on the Trail of tears in 1 838 where a large portion of the population had died.

Even after this tragedy, the Cherokee people did not give up and striver to reach independent civilization. They did this by built schools, developed their farms, and further developed their system of government. Some areas in the Louisiana Purchase in present-day Oklahoma were reserved for five tribes of the Indian people. Examine the primary source documents for signs that the Cherokee Nation had adopted economic, social, and political practices shared by citizens of the United States living in the same region. . Write a letter to Lewis Sacs, Jackson’s Secretary of War, describing your findings. Include specific examples of how the Cherokees had changed over the last thirty years and that the Indian Removal Act was unjust. Dear Lewis Sacs, Andrew Jackson’s hatred towards our race is slightly understandable engendering he has been at war with our race before, however relocating us is completely intolerable, unjust, and a disgusting act due to your presidents racism.

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