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He definitely was. Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the united States. He was a politician and an army general. He was seen as a man of the common people. Some regard him as a good president and some say he was evil. Jackson was definitely evil. He caused the destruction of the National Bank, abused the spoils system, and engineered the Indian removal act of 1830. The first reason Andrew Jackson was a horrible president is that he caused he destruction of the national bank.

On September 10, 1833. President Jackson announced the government will no longer use the Second Bank of the United States, the country’s national bank. He then used his executive power to remove all federal funds from the bank. Jackson removed all federal funds from the Second Bank of the U. S. , redistributing them to various State banks. They became known as pet banks. He stopped all deposits to the bank. Jackson had succeeded in destroying the bank. Its charter officially expired in 1836.

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This showed his abuse of presidential power during the Bank War. The second reason Andrew Jackson was a evil president was because of his abuse of the spoils system. The spoils system was giving loyal members of the party federal office positions. Under Andrew Jackson 91 9 officials were removed from government positions, which was 10 percent of all government postings. He made a clean sweep of federal job holders. The third reason Andrew Jackson was a terrible president was because of he Indian Removal Act.

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830, authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders. A few tribes went peacefully, but most resisted the relocation policy. During the fall and winter of 1 838 and 1 839, the Cherokees were forcibly moved west by the government. Approximately 4,000 Cherokees died on this forced march, which became known as the “Trail of Tears.

You really think a guy that destroyed the national bank, abused the spoils system, and caused the Indian Removal Act was a good a president? How could a guy that hated and killed Indians be praised. Such a guy should be regarded as one of the worst presidents of the United States. People called him the man of the people but he was no man of the colored people. He contributed many things to American history and all of the good will be outweighed by his evil.

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