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Are these accomplishments e can be proud of or is the portrait of Andrew Jackson on our $20 banknotes the greatest national embarrassment? The Five Civilized Tribes of the Southeastern United States tried to assimilate Into White American culture. They owned slaves and plantations, wrote constitutions, and largely spoke the English language. But when gold was discovered on the ancestral lands of the Cherokee in Georgia, the greedy Jackson expelled them and sent them to undesirable land on the other side of the Mississippi. This move was in direct contradiction to a ruling made by the united States Supreme Court.

What would happen today If the president acted against the rulings of the Supreme Court? Surely chaos and disorder rule our government. The chief executive would weald greater power than is appropriate in our democratic society. The Second Bank of the united States was the most important financial institution in America during the Era of Good Feelings. It prevented the smaller state banks from issuing bad loans to people that could not pay them back. The Bank of the United States was successful in establishing sound monetary policy and creating an economic climate that was favorable for substantial growth.

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Andrew Jackson, felt that the best course of action would be to reject an extension of the bank charter and to withdraw federal deposits in the bank. Without the strong financial policies of the Bank, the economy collapsed overnight causing the largest financial crisis in America up until that point. Does his portrait on our currency do Justice to the financial system that he tried to so viciously attack? It does not make sense for such an ardent opponent of finance to receive the honor of appearing on such a prominent endnote.

Andrew Jackson trampled on the civil liberties of Americans because he was weary of the growing power of the northern abolitionist movement. Jackson was opposed to abolitionism due to his ownership of slaves. However, freedom of speech should not be trampled under any circumstances. The president has no right to order the burning of the mail Just because he disagrees with Its contents. By doing this, Jackson showed the low moral standard he possessed, Just as he did on many other occasions. Does a murderer, adulterer, and tyrant deserve such an honored place In

American history? Andrew Jackson’s conduct as president should put him in the class of presidents that our country thoroughly condemns. Andrew Jackson brought the united States backward with his policies. He erased all of the progress from the Era of Good Feelings. He fundamentally changed the way He trampled on the constitutional right of his subjects. He truly deserved the “King Andrew’ moniker that the Whig bestowed upon him. Andrew Jackson was one of this countries most overrated presidents and the current celebration of his life and legacy is unjust and disturbing.

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