Ancient Egypt VS Todays Society Assignment

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Today’s Society. The ancient Egyptians had different expectations regarding sexuality and race compared to our modern day society. The main understanding regarding the Egyptians sexual lives was that they did not see it as a taboo like we do today. If anything, it was casually accepted to have such open and sexual lives. Even the religion that they followed was packed full of stories about adultery, incest, homosexuality, and more disturbingly, necrophilia.

The Egyptians would even suggest hat the Gods wanted them to be as sexually active as possible and made sure that no one felt ashamed about it. Compared to today’s society, particularly in the Western world, we seem to censor a lot sexual material as a lot of people find it offensive. Also, the majority of people feel that it is far more respectful to keep their sex lives personal and not anywhere near as open at the Egyptians felt.

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An example of the different way of thinking between the Egyptians and today’s society is that the Egyptians had a form of prostitute that was deemed acceptable. This was seen however as a women ‘coming of age’, and it was seen as something very sacred. The women also didn’t necessarily do it for money, as the day they got pregnant was the day that they began to dedicate themselves to whichever man was responsible, and it was expected for a woman to become a fantastic mother and career for her family. If she didn’t, then she was not looked upon with any respect.

There are rumors and loose sources suggesting that the Egyptians accepted incest in heir society, but we have to remember that Egyptians would name their Wife’ their ‘sister’, as getting married now meant that they are family. This doesn’t however mean that the idea of them accepting incest is false. The Egyptians couldn’t really put a finger on what their race is, and neither can historians today. The information that we have is that they came from various ethnic groups such as the sub-Sahara and Mediterranean climates due to their skin pigment.

The Egyptians never really made NY racial distinctions between themselves and only ever really Judged someone by their nationality. Racism didn’t appear to be a major conflict between them. This is a completely different way of thinking than today, with racial tension now being a problem in almost every country in the world. The slightest different color in skin is put into a category in today’s society, whereas the Egyptians didn’t seem to care as all they cared about was if you were Egyptian or not. Ancient Egypt VS. Today’s Society By bondsman’s

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