Ancient egypt and india comparasion Assignment

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The gender structure of ancient Egypt and India is different in many different ways. Most of these things change as time goes by but back then most of them are really different. In Egypt women were granted more freedom while in India women were like property’s and were controlled by completing every men in their family. (Anne Wallace Sharp, S. Gambits) In India if a woman husband die, she is not allowed to remarry and can not be independent. (S. Gambits) While in Egypt remarrying is totally normal and fine.

If a marriage isn’t working well in Egypt, the two needs to solve it quietly and the wife would go back to her parent’s home. (Anne Wallace) The hot weather in Egypt caused everyone including men and women to shave their head and wear wigs. (Anne Wallace) The weather in India is not that bad so they all still have their own hair and women really liked to accessories. (S. Gambits) Man of higher Verna in India is allowed by law to take any woman he wished. He can also sell is wife and children if he wanted or needed to. Assortment. Com) Women in Egypt are treated with respect and they were as equal as men. (Anne Wallace) There are many things that are similar between ancient India and Egypt too. Men spends most of their time out of the house doing field work or business in both India and Egypt. As for the women they were all expected to bear a child and keep the house running. At a young age girls were taught that their lives would center around their homes and families.

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Anne Wallace) Men are highly respected because of course they are men. All women loves to be pretty now and back then. They all own gold Jewelries and accessories themselves with the best items. (Anne Wallace) That is Just the wealthy though because the peasants have to work in fields and do all the house work. Men are highly respected in both places because they do all the hard work and the family depended on them. Both boys and men are to work in the fields for the peasants. (Anne Wallace, escorted. Com)

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