Affirmative Action and High Level Assignment

Affirmative Action and High Level Assignment Words: 453

Do you think Machetes should have changed its hiring strategy? Explain This strategies are good on firm s hiring strategy. First of all, CEO have strong mind to rectify the problems, thus all of this firm’s managers and employee’s are effort to this strategies. To bring in entry-level employees who reflect the ethnic composition of the countries in which it would like to do business is improved new employee ‘s Involvement of firm s culture, then some employee promoted high level of manager, this rim s strategy is going on the future.

And performance related promotion is enough to minority ethnic’ s motivation for all about firm s policy, so I m confident this policies improved firm s hiring strategy. 2. Do you foresee any problems with the changes that chuan instituted? Explain. If hiring strategy is change, some problems remained after changing strategy, For example, if black person is promoted high level of manager, he or she help more same ethnic group of people, this case is problem of hiring strategy, otherwise, if white people is promoted high level of manager, this anger help more same ethnic(white) people.

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Also, this firm is temporary staffing firm, historically, their customers want more white people, So, Machetes preceded their customer’ s stereotypes. Though improving their customer s stereotype, this situation help to improve firm s rectified the problem. 3. What should the diversity goals of Machetes be? Firm s CEO John Chuan should have know to Affirmative action. Now he doses ‘t understand meaning of real diversity. Because he is minority person, He is minority but he is CEO S of large company. But his firm s employee does not same situation.

Machetes composition is skewed toward secretarial and clerical jobs, the people with the most experience tended to be white females, for achieving diversity goals of Machetes, modified this flow, and balance to employee s composition rate of ethnic and minority group. So most positive situations are anyone have discrimination in their task, and rectified people’s prejudice. 4. If Machetes also provides temporary employees for firms in other countries, how might managers in other countries view Changes staffing elicits?

If Mac Temps provide their service for in other countries, there s polices help improving their service level in other countries. Because if firm s conduct service in another countries, they need to native people, in this situation, firm ‘s employed there native people, ultimately native peoples are minority group. So if organizations have good policy for minority people, more probability of success abroad market. Also high level of manager should effort to harmonize existing people with new employees( other countries people).

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