Adolf hitler rise to power Assignment

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The other five million were Jehovah Witness and gypsy. He killed the Jewish people because he used them as a scapegoat. He blamed them for the economy being bad. He said they were the reason that they lost world war one. He killed Jehovah witnesses because he did not like the fact that they did not salute the flag or Join the army. They did not do either on because it was against religious beliefs. He killed off the gypsies because they did not Join his army, but hey did not Join his army for the reason of they don’t have a country/ homeland.

So why should they fight for a guy that they do not agree with? So what they did was capture people of this race or religion and put them in concentration camps. The concentration camp is where they were put to do slave work. They would only keep people worth of value. Such as tailor, shoemaker, and craftsmen. If you could not do those trades they would kill you and have your family members cremate you. If you had gold on your tooth. They would rip that tooth out your mouth. Without Invocation.

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If you had anything of value you lost it once you came there and they sold it. These Nazis were ruthless not one bit of empathy or remorse. If you tried to escape you would be killed on the spot. The sad thing is. There wasn’t one concentration camp. There were tons of concentration camps. And at all of these the same things would happen. If you made it to the end you definitely have a better understanding of what these innocent beings were put through in the holocaust. I hope you enjoyed my essay and found very descriptive. Doll Hitler rise to power By Sheepshearers

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