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While reading the newspaper I see that many articles have been printed about President Lincoln doings as president. Apparently, Lincoln has argued that his main purpose for this upcoming war is to save the union. At the beginning of this so called war Lincoln has called for seventy five thousand soldiers because Of the recent attack on F-rot Sumter, to Washington DC for protection against a possible confederate attack.

I expect that president Lincoln is and will do his best to protect his people and his soldiers. He has had past leadership roles and he has been a successful lava. Every and former state legislator in 1858. Although Lincoln has only limited military experience, I think that he will prevail. My friends think the same. They say that president Lincoln us finally going to put an end to slavery. However much I support this idea, I can’t help thinking that this change will not come about without quite a lot of sacrifices.

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Some people in he town ate saying that this war will not last more than one month or less. Due to discrepancy between the people and the president, Lincoln is receiving criticism from people who disagreed with his policies. In my opinion, these people are blinded by greed. The only reason they want this war is to earn more money. Well now that have expressed my feelings about this whole incident, I think that it is time for me to relax and just hope for the best.

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