Sudden Interest In Ed Sheeran Assignment

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Why can’t we all smell like flowers? ‘ However, through meditation, self- inquiry, and theoretical logic, one of the unanswered questions have been answered. ‘Why is there a sudden outburst Of De Sheerer Cheerios? ” (A Cheerio is a person, like myself, that is an De Sheerer fan, knows lyrics to all songs and overall supports De in his music and life. ) There are several theories that pertain to this. Among these is he embraces his gingerliness. Have you ever heard a red head talk about their hair in their music so much?

For example, “From day one, I’ve been prepared with vi wax for my ginger hair” (from You Need Me, Don’t Need You), ‘You might be left with my hair, but you’ll have your mother’s eyes” (from Small Bump). A second theory has evolved, my opinion. His videos are golden. Go check it out, ‘ ‘Thinking out Loud” and “Small Bump,” are prime examples. I would not say he is the most handsome man alive, but his charming wit and humor quickly makes up for the looks. For example, in the chorus Of U. N. I begins: “You and I, ended over IS-N-I” which stands for “Nun” or “University. ” He inserts puns into his music constantly. And makes jokes bout haters. Haters goanna hate, hate, hate… Oops wrong artist! ) After much analysis by brilliant minds and dedicated Cheerios, it has been inferred that the final answer and conclusion is he can sing, rap, write, dance, and play guitar, incredibly. For example, he stands on stage with a loop pedal, a voice and a very passionate heart for what he does.

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