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Among my most meaningful performances, I think the ‘Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation Little Heroes Sharing The Love Concert’ has been the most worthy one because this concert in particular had the objective of raising funds to provide medical help to poor people in Africa, that cannot afford medications. In this occasion I felt the matter was not Just about playing in concert but through the power of music I got to instrumentally help a cause.

Besides that, at the age of 14, I began to learn the piano, and since strengthen my techniques at stroking the cords, the fluency of movement in my fingers and the expression I conveyed in the piece. The biggest challenge that I had to overcome was the fact that I was often compared to other students that were younger than me and more skilled than I was because of having learned the instrument at a younger age. Even so, I did not let this factor take me down or my passion for music because everyone has a different way to interpret a melody.

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I must say that practicing consistently everyday has been my winning card when I reached to further improve my technique. I did not let criticism get to my nerve but instead I empowered myself in front of my competitors and I think I have achieved a better perspective about music and how to use it. In three occasions, I was asked to compose three songs using the program Sublime, which presented a number of difficulties, especially when it came to recognize how to add triplets’ and Whole tone’ notes typical of the 20th Century Music.

Obviously I learnt that I couldn’t Ely too much on it as the software helps you with writing the score but it is unreliable when playing the glissando and articulations that are directly obtained by playing the instrument in person. As per my academics, I have chosen Biology and Music for my electives. The reason I have chosen such strange combination of subjects is because I believe in the power that music hold in affecting our mind and body and stimulating us in a physiological and psychological ways.

I have retained this idea for long that I could one day connect my passion for music to my so present interest for biology, in the sense of studying ‘music therapy throughout which I would have to use both. For example, part of the ‘Harp Chamber’ initiatives I played in Elderly Homes and always at school I took part in concert held on the open day, whilst performing at a series of fund raising events such as the ‘2012 Federation for Annual Dinner’ and the ‘2013 Hong Kong Medical Association Annual Charity Concert’.

It was very interesting to learn how to perform in a bigger orchestra, having to play your instrument connectively with other musician and following the guidance in the expression and dynamics given by the conductor. Aside from these extra curriculum experience I have held a variety of posts in school among which becoming a librarian, My Interest in Music By backward for my dedication in building my booth, that was for the most creative booth, top three booth, and student artist of the year, in which I was given the responsibility to lead students to promote other students artistic development.

Afterwards, I have taken part in the PTA English Writing Competitions, in which case I have qualified Hampton in Form 3 and later in From 5. Part of inter-house competitions, I also joined in the House Quiz, qualifying second among the 6 Houses participants. My greatest ambition and aspiration for my future career is to continue to deepen my study in Music with the expectation to become a recognized Harpist in future. I know that I will have to prepare and continuously strive to improve and expose myself to a variety of music genres and styles, but I feel more than ever ready for the challenge ahead. (771 words)

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