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powerful interest BY mony726 Essay #1: A Powerful Influence Many individuals have a powerful fgured that has influenced them in many kinds of way. Whether it is intellectual, spiritual or Just personal appealed. A great example of an individual being influenced by someone is Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was mainly influenced by two main individuals, Dr. Benjamin Mays and Mahatma Gandhi. To get influenced by someone is very appealing because you see something in that person that makes you want to do it yourself or gets you the courage to keep going.

On my case, I have been powerfully influenced by my mother. Someone that stands out as a powerful influence in your life is there to stay and keep following some of their aspects. A great example of someone being influenced by amazing people was Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was a great person willing to change the societys perspective. He wanted to get the Civil Rights Movement going and to be successful. Through his journey Dr. King met a person who influenced him very much. This was, Dr. Benjamin Mays, president of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where Dr.

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King attended school. Dr. Benjamin Mays visited King and his parents at their home and became a egular guest at the familys Sunday night dinners. In which got Martin Luther King Jr. more attached to him and his believes. Dr. Kings ministerial aspirations were deeply influenced by Mays. “l could see in his life the ideal of what I wanted a minister to be,” King commented in a 1956 interview. Another powerful influence to Dr. King was Mahatma Gandhi, the spiritual leader of India’s independence movement in the first half of the 20th century.

Gandhi’s nonviolence was informed by not only his Hindu background, but by study of other religious and moral traditions, including Christianity. He spent mostly his entire adult life experimenting with methods of nonviolence intended to be not Just morally admirable, but effective in the real world. This is what caught the attention of Dr. King. Gandhi’s nonviolence method worked in many ways and Martin was influenced to use this method on his preaching. People may influence your life whether anyone expects it or not. In my case, the most powerful influenced that stands out in my life is my mother.

My mother is a wonderful strong woman who has got my siblings and me forward and doing our best. The most influential part of her is that she does not give up. She is always willing to move forward and keep trying her best. My family and I have been through so much and even that way she keeps supporting us and keeps us moving forward. She inspires me to keep going with my life as a strong person and to never give up on my dreams. Yet, what I mostly admire of her is that she is straight forward. She is not one those persons who tells you everything will be okay when it she knows it will not.

She is the person who will tell you what is going to happen and the onsequences. She gives her best advice and support and helps on whatever she can. Even though she is not perfect she is the most influential person in my life. She keeps me going and supports me and corrects me on my wrongs. People get influenced in many different ways. What may be influential to someone makes us go forward with our plans or dreams is the one we admire the most. Just like Dr. Benjamin Mays and Mahatma Gandhi influenced Martin Luther King Jr. my mother influenced me in life and she will always influence me and I will admired till the day I cant no more.

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