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Among other things, I have this diversity of experience to offer the Global Transaction Team. My passion for sustainable environment and resource protection is more than a decade. My University project research investigated the effects of tannery effluents and other industrial wastes on aquatic resources, 2000. Collected effluents from industries in plateau State, Nigeria and prepared various concentrations with which I exposed Recommits SSP (Tailpipe). The findings were valuable and highly revealing.

These findings have been used by government agencies for regulatory policies. In my first degree I was awarded the University Scholar Award and university undergraduate scholarship consecutively for 3 years and graduated among the best. Over the years I worked in the Banking and Finance industry in Nigeria. I have processed facilities for financing small to medium and large scale enterprises and have managed these business relationships and portfolios for several years. This in the long run will contribute to a strong private sector-driven economy.

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In the past four years, I worked as Head of Operations, Zenith Bank Ply leading a team of hardworking and result-oriented workforce. Professionally, I have contributed innovative to the growth and success of my organization as the founding member of the bank wide operations committee. My responsibilities include sound business decisions, dispute resolution, negotiation and commercial skills. I trained in Leadership skills, interpersonal skills, Risk management, financial statement analysis, Credit assessment, Effective Writing, Communication, and Management skills and on a leadership Award in the Bank in 2012.

My present field, MBA in Agribusiness, has given a strong foundation to my analytical skills focusing on Quantitative Techniques in Management, Research Methods and Statistical Analysis, and a deeper understanding into the Principles and Practice of Crop Production, Principles and Practice of Animal Production, Fisheries Management, Commercial Production of Foodstuffs and Quality, Food Processing Technology and Practices, Food Industry and Agribusiness System, and Economics for Agribusiness managers among others.

My most recent reservation on Integrated Fish Farming was rated excellent. This study focused on Echo-Farming in which the maximum utilization of resources including wastes is proportionately related to minimum damage Of the environment. I pointed to the consciousness of my audience why the world food production could grow significantly to feed the ever growing population, yet the loss of soil fertility, industrial activity and solicitation of agricultural lands will continue to hamper such increased productivity.

Suggesting, I reiterated organic waste reclamation, recycling and re-use in integrated yester with treatment, incineration, landfill and composting to drastically reduce waste, and achieve minimum disruption to the environment, as well as the best financial result possible. Such is evidenced in Shanghai Farms, Porto novo. My primary interest lies in Agribusiness and I will explore its great potential to generate jobs.

The practical agribusiness-based MBA understudies agricultural farms with direct experiences such as Durance Farms, and Charter Farms practicing commercial production in fisheries and poultry, as well as other commercial farming of Cassava, Rice, and Yams etc. Seed in production of a variety of staple foods, and also as industrial raw materials for Ethanol, Starch industries etc. Animal husbandry employs sellers, farm attendants, veterinary doctors, feed millers, researchers and transporters.

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