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You mentioned that women “say but don’t act,” and men “act but don’t talk about it,” by classifying these two groups of people by those statements is bee Eng incredibly sexist. Am involved with the group on campus called W. I. L. L (women in learning and leadership) that empowers women towards not only noticing sexism but also reacting in a positive way towards what angers us about anything around us that is sexist. Reacting towards your explicit form of sexism is very difficult for me because I tend to be very a angry towards all arms of sexism whether they are opinions, jokes, or directory forms.

All I real lye would like you to know is that it’s not proper to classify all men and all women into these sped civic categories because no single person is similar to the next. A man of your stature surely should not be classifying people into specific cat Georges. As a professor, you should be encouraging people around you including student s to accept people for who they are instead of what gender they belong to. I expect a higher level of acceptance from a man of power such as yourself.

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Now with what is being said, I do enjoy your class and you as a professor butt he blatant gender classification was completely uncalled for. Yes, your opinions are your own and you are certainly entitled to them but please keep any sexist opinions of yours to your self and please do not bring them into the classroom. I hope you take this to heart and realize t hat times are changing and gender shaming according to what you personally think the gene real population of women or men think is now not accepted as the norm.

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