Reaction for marriage and family Assignment

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I think that this was very beautifully written. I can see very valid points, but I can also see many things that a lot of parents do not follow as well as they could. My parents are great parents, but there are some philosophies in this writing that I really believe I would have benefited from. My parents tend to be a little close and In my business because I am an only child and It has always been the three of us. One of the lines states that you may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like oh.

I can really relate to this, in certain ways I have felt that my parents have tried to make me like them instead of letting me blossom into whom I want to be. I may not always make the choices that they want, or that they would choose, but in the same essence we are all different and we are all created to be who we want to become. The choices and decisions we make may not always be good or right, but the things we go through help us to grow up and learn things that we other wise would have never came to understand. I also agree very much with the part where he was talking about tot being able to give your children your thoughts.

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Parents can preach to their kids and tell them their opinions all they want, but at the end of the day we are all our own individuals and we all have our own views and opinions, through the things that we have went through. Not one person on this earth goes through exactly the same pattern as anyone else, we all go through things that make us who we are, and we all have and see things differently. The beauty of that Is our thoughts are what make us, Some of the things that I do not particularly agree with are where he is saying that hillier come through you, but are not really yours.

That does not really sit well with me, because I feel that children are a gift to you and that they are yours. I believe that they are also gifts from God, but they are yours until you dedicate them back to God. That Is Just my pollen though; I suppose It could be wrong. I feel that you are suppose to raise your kids and take care of them and supply for them so therefore that means that they are yours. That was really the only part that did not sit very well with me. Overall, I can relate to his philosophy of parenting.

I think that this writing was beautiful. Just reading it really made me think a lot about parenting and life. It is a very deep and meaningful philosophy. It Is almost as though he Is saying that a child Is never really yours, and that you are merely there to be Like them. I do not think that to many parents actually live by this philosophy. I see a lot of parents that try to control or live through their children’s lives. Sometimes I think that parents just want to protect or they care to much which is why they control, but it does not make it right.

I think that if more parents lived by the philosophy there would be a lot more mature children in the world, because they would have been learning how to make hand things to their kids and plant their own views in their kids head, they do not let experience and question life so they never really get to grow, then when they are on their own they go crazy because they never had the chance to learn. I really liked this article, it really did make me think quite a bit and think about things my parents did and things that I would like to do in the future.

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