Organic Chemistry Assignment

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Organic Chemistry BY y-you P. Stockbroker Organic Chemistry II lecture JIB Extension Spring 2013 Extra Credit Report Papers Paper is strictly optional. Write a 4-6 page paper on a subject approved by the instructor (either picked from the list below or picked by yourself). Emphasis in the paper should be on the organic chemistry associated with the subject (how it is synthesized, uses, etc. ). No two students can research the same subject. Maximum value of the paper will likely in the 20-40 point range, depending on the quality and length.

Papers will be due May 3rd two days after the final exam. Papers must be submitted electronically to my mailbox by pm May 3, 2013. Papers submitted after that time frame will not be reviewed. Quick over view Stapling Synthesis Tax Synthesis Zloty Synthesis Prevailing William Knowles- first non-enzymatic asymmetric catalysts Carbon Anna-tubes Greenhouse gases (all) History of industrial synthesis of acetic acid, benzene, ethylene, or any other commodity industrial chemical Nylon polymers Celluloses ethanol Geochemistry

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Bodiless from fatty acids (FAME) and eagle Codex’s- Stapling synthesis Suzuki Reaction Wilkinson catalyst Ionic Liquids Subjects Use to asymmetric catalysts to produce choral compounds in industry Transfer hydrogenation Use of solid-acid catalysts in industry Phase transfer catalysts Ionic liquids- synthesis and properties Ionic liquids- industrial applications Green detergents Green lubricants Biostatistics- mechanism and reactions Biostatistics- industrial and pharmacy applications Engineered Biostatistics Codex’s Kate-reeducates reanimates Applications of microwaves in organic synthesis Uses of super critical carbon dioxide Uses for super critical water Photostatted Synthesis methods for hydrogen peroxide Ozone in waste minimization Green catalysts (Environments) Polymer supported reagents Huber process Green herbicides Trans fats- You Way Jacobson catalysts Green pesticides Green pharmaceuticals Anna-chemistry Washer process Use of non-VOCE solvents- Varied Grew Use of solid-acid clay catalysts in industry Use of embalmers catalysts in industry

Use of non-halogenated solvents Polymer Supported reagents Green house gases (All) Green solvents History of the industrial synthesis of acetic acid styrene Olefin metathesis Electrochemically Micelle-template Silica as catalysts Bottles Biathlon- fermentation and celluloses, butane- Rand Frankly algae and fatty acid esters Use of Microwaves in organic synthesis Homogeneous Catalysis Hydroxylation (Reductive nomination) Methanol carbonization Alkaline legalization Propane popularization (Ziegler-Anita) Hydrogenation of alikeness Carbonization of alikeness Alkaline metathesis C-H functionalities Pagination reactions Hydrogenation Palladium-catcalled cross couplings in organic synthesis Heck Suzuki Engines Metathesis of offense Types of Heterogeneous Catalysis Metals and Alloys – Hydrogenation – Catalytic Converters Neoconservative hydrogenation Bond breaking Hydrogenous Oxidations Carbon-carbon bond formations Isolates Immobilizers homogeneous catalysis William Knowles first asymmetric catalyst. Stippling Switchback Solvents Tax Zloty Prearranging Bodiless from

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