Tea, Taxes, and the American Revolution Assignment

Tea, Taxes, and the American Revolution Assignment Words: 327

Great Britain throughout the war, especially in the major cities that Britain occupied. 9. Also lots continued to support the British, especially after Britain promised that any slaves who fought with them would be . 10. Here’s what was pretty revolutionary about the American Revolution: The colonists threw off the rule of an replaced it with a government that didn’t have a a radical idea in a oral that didn’t feature many non-monarchical forms of government. 1 . And, if you look at the explanations for the revolution, especially those contained in, like, the Declaration of Independence and in pamphlets, like Thomas Pain’s zeal that’s informed by the there’s definitely a revolutionary’ . 12. So the gave the government no power to tax, which had the effect of making sure that people who had property were able to keep it because they never had to pay the government anything in exchange for the right to own and use it. 3.

The was primarily a celebration of humans’ ability to understand and improve the natural world through . 14. The Enlightenment had a number Of antecedents, including the and the but what made it special was that some of its more radical proponents??like, Emmanuel Kant, for instance?? went so far as to argue that human reason rendered a belief in God unnecessary and, by extension, proclaimed that any belief in divine intervention or a divine plan for humanity was just superstition.

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Like a major Enlightenment hinder, formulated his version of inalienable rights as life, liberty, and property. 16. America made sure that there would never be a formal and, it recognized the equal rights of when it came to inheriting and possessing property. 17. But, the real seismic change was that after the Revolution, Americans came to view themselves as to each other. 18. And in the end, the ideas of the American Revolution?? ideas about are still hugely important in shaping political discourse around the world, and particularly in America.

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