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Argumentative “Cold” Essay Rewrite Television has evolved tremendously through time. It has become a go-to source for most Americans. In the passage, “The Worst Years of Our Lives”, by Barbara Rehiring, she considers modern people as “couch potatoes” and that television has turned us into “root vegetables. ” Rehiring does make a point about American people becoming lazy; however, comparing us to fictional characters on TV is questionable. In this era, television has become an even bigger source of entertainment than it was back then.

Producers often want shows that will keep people anxious and watching. This includes basing characters and story lines off of fictional subjects. It would be far too boring to watch TV about a normal, everyday family. As Rehiring states, “And what they do do – watch television – is far too boring to be televised for more than a fraction of a second… ” This is exactly why people do not want to come home and watch TV about Just another typical family or another average person. What people want now-a-days is to be entertained.

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Even in the show Modern Family, he title contrasts what the sitcom is about. The family is not modern at all in some ways. It includes a gay couple that adopts an Asian infant. This exceeds what a “modern” family is supposed to be. Considering that it is not about Just a standard family keeps people watching because it is simply entertaining and not something typical that goes on in an everyday life. Television is not about being a relatable source to watch it can be used from having a movie bonding night with the family to even checking the weather forecast.

Not all sitcoms on television should be put in a negative light as Rehiring portrays when she says, “… When you watch television, you will see people doing many things – chasing fast cars, drinking elite beer, shooting each other at close range, etc. ” Shows do not always televise people engaging in unlawful behavior. A sitcom like Grey Anatomy is far from that. Even if it is a show about regular people who work at a hospital, it is still enticing without having to show characters participating in sinister acts. What is the big deal if they did?

It is not like most American adults now-a-days have not done any of these unlawful acts or have perfect ways of life. Most Americans are not likely to do the many things people execute on television, but this does not mean they cannot view it for entertainment. Television can also be informative as well. Watching TV can be a usage to bringing families together and adding some humor into lives. Real people want something enticing after a long day of work or something to laugh at after a stressful day. So why is it that we should not keep on watching? The Evolution of Television By Honoraria

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