Television and Movies Assignment

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Melanie Sparks Television and Movies There are many inspirations that people have in their lives to comprise their personality. Usually people assume that the greatest influences in the lives of children are parent’s and teachers, but most would never realize that the movies and television that children watch can alter their behavior. Whether causing a well- intentioned outcome or a unscrupulous one, watching these programs essentially results in making an immense impact on how a person acts, presents themselves, speaks, and looks.

One way that television shows and movies can influence an individual is stereotyping of people in society. Each character in a movie has his or here’s own distinct personality. Subconsciously, the human mind relates one’s appearance and personality, so if a person resembles the character, people assume he acts like him as well. Sometimes this Judgmental action can result in a good way, and other times it can end in a poor consequence. For example, the movie Legally Blonde is about how an attractive, blonde woman named Ell Woods is considered unintelligent cause people believe she obsesses over her looks and ignores her knowledge.

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Although Ell proves herself to be smart the end, people continue the initial stereotype in their minds that blondes are naturally stupid, in reality, because they are pretty. Another way that television and movies can impact someone’s personality is that they are often based on real life situations that usually end happily. After watching most movies, people expect their dreams to always end flawlessly. Many movie directors and writers develop the play as a happy ending because that is what their audience desires to see.

However, when spectators’ ideas of a perfect lifestyle do not go as planned, they immediately become disappointed and involved in stress and difficult decisions. For example, everyone wants to experience the life of Cinderella. In the movie Cinderella, she starts out as sad house slave controlled by her evil stepmother, but eventually, her fairy godmother appears and grants her wish to meet her prince charming and marry him. Everybody desires a fortunate event that will make their dreams come true, and when it fails to occur, people become discouraged.

One last way that movies can impact someone’s life the is desire of people to look and act like the actors. Although celebrities are Just people, today, most people idealize them because based off of a sense of humor or a good attribute about them. This can make someone stray from their true personalities because they want to become Just like the actor. Sometimes this can lead to a good outcome, and others it can be detrimental to a person’s health, leading to bad decisions and life threatening ventures.

For example, in the television show, Degrades, many kids drink and overdose n drugs underage, but can also have great personalities. Some people think that if it is okay for the actor to do drugs, drink, or steal, then it is also okay for them to do it. What is right and wrong. Overall, movies and television impact people’s lives and are much more influential than everyone assumes. They are a powerful merman of communication and can change people’s behavior and appearances in several ways. Depending on what each person sees in every character, these programs can influence us in both positive and negative ways.

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