Philosophy of Nutrition Assignment

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As an incoming freshman, friends and relatives would usually ask me, “What’s your course? ” When I answer back, “Nutrition. ” They would ask what that course is and if I will be able to get a Job with it. It’s sad to know that people don’t see the importance of nutritionists and dietitians. Food is the most basic need off human being. It sustains life. Without it, people would not last. It provides energy that enables us to do things that we need to do. It builds body tissues for growth and development.

Aside from building, it also pairs damaged tissues caused by injuries and diseases. Finally, it regulates body process in order for the human system to adjust to its environment and regulate its temperature (World Health Organization). Nutrition is all about food, the nutrients found in it and how the body uses those nutrients (Sass, 2003). Studying food and its effects on the human system is very important. Through nutritionists and dietitians, people are able to identify the ideal food that they should eat in order for them to be healthy. They even hinder and cure illnesses by advocating the intake of nutritious foods.

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Hence, they are promoters of healthy eating habits and are of big help to every individual (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor, 2011). Nutrition requires critical thinking. A dietitian cannot Just recommend a diet plan without evaluating and making screenings on the patient’s body and its needs. They also oversee the serving of meals that are given to the patients. Thus, they must assess and know how much should be taken in by their patients. Nutrition needs discipline. The point of giving advice to patients about healthy living is very influencing.

The way they live affects their Job. If the dietitian or nutritionist is not healthy, he or she could not promote healthy living because no one would believe him or her. The fact that everything starts within our selves is coming true in this situation. Nutrition values the existence of every human being. Their campaigns and their Job are the reasons. Nutritionists and dietitians are authentic. They choose and take responsibility of their actions by being good examples and advocating healthy living. They do not Just do it for themselves; they also do it for others.

Being nutritionists and dietitians are tough. It is not easy to convince people on what you say because they tend to believe on what they have always known. Their ignorance to healthy living is very devastating. The role of nutrition was neglected. They think that eating 3 meals a day is already enough and good for them. Without knowing that the kind and quality off quantity (Shelton, 2010). Are more important than the The other concern is the access of people to secure food. Malnourishment has always been a big problem and this usually due to lack of knowledge and poverty.

Due to poverty, people could not afford to buy foods that would support their nutritional needs. Nutritionists and dietitians, with the help of the government, organizations and companies, do programs that would teach the people to buy cheap and affordable foods that are better and more nutritious. Feeding programs are also held to help decrease the rate of malnutrition. These programs do not only occur in our country but also internationally. Although nutritionists and dietitians face these difficulties, their passion will always be uphold.

As long as there are humans, their Job to spread a healthy lifestyle and allow the access of nutritious foods to people who cannot afford them. Studying Nutrition is a key to have the knowledge and be aware of the facts about food and what to eat. It values the moral of discipline and existentialism. Hence, the advocacy for a healthy lifestyle is being shared. The next time someone asks me, ” What course did you take? ” I would proudly answer, “Nutrition pop! ” If they don’t know what it is, I would gladly explain it to them until they would realize and understand the Philosophy of Nutrition.

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