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Nana Benson university of Phoenix Fitness and nutrition plays a tremendous part in our everyday life. What we choose to eat and how we choose to eat it decides whether we live a healthy lifestyle or we live an unhealthy lifestyle filled with diseases and ailments. I know this for a fact that being obese causes these particular ailments. There are various ways to fix being unhealthy or obese. This happens through practicing proper nutrition and exercise. I am currently considered to be obese and have been for most of my life.

I always new It and accepted It but now It Is starting to take a toll on my health. My weight has always fluctuated but prior to having my daughter I have been able to control it. During my pregnancy I knew that my weight was truly an issue because I was diagnosed as being a gestational diabetic. I was then Informed that this could possibly lead to being a Type 2 Diabetic. I ended up having to give myself Insulin shots every day of my pregnancy to avoid harm of unborn child. After having my child was prescribed some medication for weight loss and lost 40 lbs.

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This was very exciting and I could finally see the light, until my doctor stopped the prescriptions. I then gained my weight back and then some. Because of my current weight gain I have become extremely depressed and exhausted. Not to mention my mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes and this truly did not help. I have since gone to the doctor and had a complete physical. I received my results today that I too am diabetic. Have wanted to make a health changed In my life here recently really bad but find It kind of hard due to lack of time.

When I received this news today, I immediately found time to go to the gym and to walk my neighborhood. For dinner I had half of what I would normally eat and I have mentally decided to make a change. Plan to do so my Introducing fitness and nutritional habits Into my lifestyle. These fitness and nutritional habits will Include the following: Exercise Exercising is a physical activity that is practiced for the body to stay healthy and become strong. When this form of fitness is practiced it “aims to maintain or enhance our physical fitness and general health (ANT, 2010).

I can Incorporate exercise Into my new habits by working out. Going to the gym, swimming, or walking promotes better fitness habits. Exercising reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Yoga Yoga Is a great form of fitness that helps you to relax the body, mind and spirit. This exercise is a physical activity that includes heavy breathing and stretching. Yoga makes a person stronger and makes the mind and body relax. Yoga promotes healthy weight in that it clears the mind and allows for a better sense of reasoning and understanding. More Rest

Being well rested gives more energy to promote fitness and promote healthy weight. By being well rested the body has more energy stored to partake in physical 1 OFF castles. “when you are well rested, you nave more tale In your scandals to eat right and keep up with your fitness schedule” (Butler, 2009). Proper rest also improves your health by preventing sickness or disease. Getting the proper rest at night also removes fatigue poisons such as lactic acid. Buying and eating fresh foods Buying and eating fresh foods promotes healthy nutritional habits.

Eating fresh foods means that the food that you are eating does not have any added preservatives or chemicals and improves your health. It is fresh grown foods from the earth that has the fiber and protein essential for living a nutritional life. There are no extra sugars or sweeteners supplemented in these particular foods. Buying these fresh foods could cost more in the store but the quality is much better than store brought items. You can find these foods at your local produce or markets. Healthy Eating Healthy eating would probably be the hardest new nutritional habit for me.

I am always inclined to eat what is quick but not necessarily healthy. I do cook a lot but I cook what is convenient for me. I find it faster to fry chicken than to bake it and this is definitely not nutritious. Counting calories and cutting back on carbohydrates promotes healthy eating. These two activities also encourage weight loss. Healthy eating and exercise are to me the two most important forms of fitness and nutrition. They are also the two hardest habits to practice. Healthy eating also reduces diseases and ailments. It prevents high blood pressure and other deathly diseases.

This is finitely a habit that I am going to incorporate into my new healthy lifestyle. 3 Meals a Day This habit is truly rough for me. I am typically not a breakfast eater except for a weekend. During the week there are always two meals a day and those would be lunch and dinner. I am aware that for the body to burn off excess fat and raise your metabolism that you have to eat at least three meals a day or six small meals. I am a fruit eater and I can eat fruit all day. I also know that some fruits are high in sugars and are not necessarily good for you.

Because I love fruit I have started to eat at least vive forms of a fruit or vegetable each day between lunch and dinner. This compresses the appetite so that you are not “starving” at dinner time, causing you to over eat. I personally have started to either eat a cup of yogurt in the morning or a fruit. Since I bore quickly with foods I have decided to add a boiled egg and h a piece of heat to toast with olive oil butter to my diet as a choice for breakfast. Acknowledging that I have a problem (eating) and dealing with it is the first step. Now, I must take everything I know and put it into action.

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