Nutrition and Healthy Life Assignment

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Speech – How to lead a long and healthy life A very good morning to our respected principal, beloved teachers and all my fellow friends. I would like to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to speak to you today. The topic that I would like to draw your attention to is about how to lead a long and healthy life. As students, we face many challenges and have to cope with such things as lessons, exams, extra-curricular and social events. Many of us tend to forget about our health in our aim to accomplish as much as possible within a short span of time.

In order to stay healthy, we must eat well. Our bodies need sufficient nutrition to sustain our activities. Eating the wrong food is the main cause for ill health. We need to have a balanced diet. We should resist the urge to indulge in fast food and carbonated drinks. We should stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Many youngsters experiment with these substances only to find that they have become addicted to them. In order to avoid succumbing to peer pressure, we should not hang out with those who indulge in drinking alcohol and smoking.

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We must also partake in some form of exercise, such as sports, aerobics or Just plain walking or Jogging. We must make it a point to exercise for half an hour at least three times a week. Exercise is also a good way to relieve stress. Lastly, we must avoid unhealthy lifestyles such as late night partying. We must ensure that we get proper rest and sufficient sleep so that we can wake up energies the next day. In short, we are responsible for our own well-being. A healthy lifestyle will take us a long way. I hope that my speech has enlightened you on how to lead a healthier life. Thank you .

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